Teen Wolf 6×02 Recap: What the Hell is a Stiles?


The next day at school, Lydia can feel something is off, but she can’t quite figure it out. At lacrosse practice Scott is trying to convince Coach that Liam is definitely captain material even though he is probably not at all captain material. Corey and Mason go back to the library to think about the horrible murder they witnessed. Mason because he did a ton of research, and Corey because he had a feeling. It seems less that they lied about what happened to Scott and Liam, and more that the Riders affected their memory, and they genuinely aren’t sure if they saw someone get killed.

Scott is very disappointed that Liam doesn’t want to be lacrosse captain, but Liam just wants Scott to stay on instead of being responsible and focusing on school work and graduation. I definitely understand that this is all a metaphor for Scott wanting Liam to step up as the Alpha once he leaves, but you can’t really fault Liam for not really wanting it or feeling that he’s good enough. It also doesn’t help that Coach is a huge d-bag and keeps knocking Liam down every chance he gets.

While over-highlighting a school book that she absolutely should not be writing in, Malia comes across the word “style” and something about it jumps out at her. No amount of highlighting is helping her grades, though. She almost mauls the teacher for her D- before Lydia, who is sitting next to a suspiciously empty desk, manages to calm her down.

Walking down the hall, Scott stops by the same old locker that Lydia stopped at, and something speaks to him as well. But he can’t quite grasp it, and walks on.

During class, Lydia notices the suspiciously empty chair is now filled with a doctor. Lydia asks what she’s doing there, but the doctor only answers with a deafening train whistle. It only lasts for a second before the doctor is gone and the desk is empty again. At least she didn’t scream this time.

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