Teen Wolf 6×02 Recap: What the Hell is a Stiles?


Liam’s werewolfy sense goes off, and he runs into the school, knowing that Mason is in trouble, with Scott running after him. They find Mason and Corey, who tells them about being able to see the Riders once they both went invisible. Liam is very upset that Mason is now involved, but let’s be real, no one is going to be not involved. Besides, the Riders weren’t after them. Scott asks who they were after, since the Riders are always after someone, and Corey and Mason awkwardly skirt around saying someone was killed and they didn’t intervene. To be fair, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything to help the kid anyway.

Suddenly, Malia is having sex with a dude, which is lovely, thanks for that MTV. Why do we need to keep seeing teenagers doing it, and why does MTV think that teenagers are allowed to be alone with the door closed long enough for anything to happen? Malia rolls off her fella and stares blankly at the wall while her dude tries to big spoon her. But Malia is not about being the little spoon and flips them both over. While she’s octopusing and shushing John Doe, he looks over and notices the hardcore handcuffs and chains she keeps in her bag, and somehow doesn’t totally nope out of that situation.

Alone in her room, Lydia has a banshee vision of a train passing right outside her room. Her mom comes running in, but she didn’t hear the train, she only heard Lydia screaming. She assures her daughter that it was all a dream, but Lydia wasn’t asleep when it happened.

Scott’s contemplating lacrosse when he glances at his corkboard and notices there’s a blank space in the middle. He goes to investigate and he steps on a pin that was holding up a picture of him with Malia, Lydia, and a suspiciously empty space.

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