Teen Wolf 6×02 Recap: What the Hell is a Stiles?


This week on Teen Wolf: Scott is pushing Liam to step into a metaphorical alpha role, the pack wonders if a murder that no one remembers is still a murder, and every one feels like something is missing but they can’t put their finger on it.

No time is wasted in reminding us that everyone has forgotten Stiles. An entire horde of Riders gallop unseen past Liam and Scott, who are practicing lacrosse alone. Scott claims they have to work on Liam’s backshots because they’re terrible, but after Liam sinks half a dozen in a row, Scott thinks maybe he was thinking of someone else. All the lights on the field are turned off suddenly – probably because no one is supposed to be out there unsupervised – so they use their werewolf eyes to keep practicing in the dark.

In the school itself, once again unsupervised by an adult, Corey, Mason, and some other kids are staying late for some extra physics credit. Not that Mason has to even be there, not with his 4.9 GPA, but he’s mostly there to help his boyfriend. The magnetic goop they made works and swallows up a couple disk magnets, but then starts working TOO well, with metal objects all around the room flying into it. This phenomenon is interrupted by Coach Figgins, who shooes them away and tells them to get the hell out of the school, it’s 9 at night and they should be out having lives. Mason’s accidentally left his phone in the school so he runs back inside solo to grab it. While he’s inside the lights go out, so Corey goes back in to check up on his boy. He doesn’t find Mason, but a strange invisible boot wearing creature stops time and menacingly walks down the dark, empty hall. Corey goes chameleon, and in his invisible state is able to see the Rider as it goes by and meets up with his Rider buddy.

Somehow, Corey is able to text Mason and warn him to stay where he is. Good thing he doesn’t listen, because downstairs in the library a kid is getting lasso choked to death. Before he can intervene, Corey chameleons Mason invisible too, and they watch as the Riders poof the boy out of existence.

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