Teen Wolf 6×01 Recap: The Beginning of the End


This week on the season premiere of Teen Wolf: A new big bad is immediately introduced, Stiles is having a little trouble accepting the fact that they’ll be graduating soon, and everyone in Beacon Hills is having a little trouble remembering a little boy named Alex.

It’s really happening gang. The last season of Teen Wolf is here. And after the incredibly dense, sometimes incredibly confusing fifth season, let’s see if season six is a little easier to consume.

I’m not sure how long it’s been since last season finale, but Hayden and Liam are stranded in the woods because his car got a flat and there’s no spare. But they aren’t going to let that ruin their date night and start making out in the middle of the road instead of calling AAA. Fortunately for them, another car rolls up, but when it rolls by them and into a fence, Liam goes to investigate. Not only is there no driver, the windshield is smashed out and the passenger door is gone. There’s a little boy in the backseat, who begs the teens not to let “them” take him.”

In another part of Beacon Hill, Stiles and Scott are having a tense meeting with Sheriff and the BHPD. Shocking, I know. Apparently, Scott went wolf to try and stop a criminal mastermind to keep riding off with a dozen tanks of helium. Truly the crime of the century. On the way home, Scott tells Stiles that now that all criminal activity seems to be non-supernatural, Beacon Hills doesn’t need them to protect it anymore. And after they graduate, they won’t be around, anyway. But the joke’s on Scott, because something horrible is after this child! Ha!

At the station, the Sheriff tells the boy Alex that since he can’t remember what happened, they’re going to use a little trick to help jog is memory. And that’s when Scott just DIGS HIS NAILS INTO ALEX’S NECK. They are going all in, holy frick frack.

Alex and his family where on the way home from a scary movie, when a cloaked horsemen appeared in the road and stopped them. The Horseman wasted no time blowing out the windshield and ripping the door off the car and stealing his parents. He must have been in a rush, because he doesn’t even check the backseat for anyone else.

Scott fills Stiles and the Sheriff in on what he saw, and tells them that whoever took this boy is going to come back for him.

Lydia checks out the car to see if she can banshee vibe on anything, but nothing pops. Malia shows up in wolf form and rehumanizes, telling the team that she doesn’t think the parents are alive since she can’t smell them. But Lydia doesn’t think they’re dead since she can’t feel them. Stiles is super sure something supernatural is going on, but everyone else isn’t. Although, I don’t know why they all think an impossibly strong man riding around on horseback in the middle of the night kidnapping people is standard activity. Malia and Lydia take off, but Stiles and Scott stay behind, because something about the broken windshield doesn’t feel right to Stiles. Scott says it’s not a magic bullet, it’s normal, just like all the other cars with bullet holes in the police lot. 1) why are so many cars getting shot at? and 2) where all the other windshields are spiderwebbed, this one is completely blown out. So maybe it’s not that normal and it WAS a magic bullet.

It’s school photo day, and Malia can’t get hers done because Stiles keeps popping into frame. Stiles thought he signed up for his but apparently forgot, and Scott goes full psychology on him by telling him he’s avoiding the reality of graduation by avoiding senior year milestones. And everyone is very impressed by this intuition. Stiles tells the gang that not only were there no slugs or bulletholes in the car, Alex gave the cops an address to an abandoned house, and asks who’s gonna come investigate with him. Unfortunately, everyone has school stuff to do. Stiles thinks about taking Liam, but he’s preoccupied with Hayden’s mouth. Ew. Stiles agrees to let it go, if Scott can explain why the windshield glass shards are blue.

There’s an alleged new hot teacher in school, based on all the slow-mo and sighing girls. I don’t know, he looks like every other dude I’m told is attractive in Hollywood. I have to say though, he draws an amazing chalkboard cat. His hotness is at least helping his students, sine all the ones who have a crush on him learned what Shroedinger’s cat has to do with physics. As they all get into groups to do that lab, Mason notices that phones aren’t geo-locating. Is that something teens worry about? All phone compasses are pointing in the wrong direction, so Corey stealth steals the teacher’s. Mason says he’s going to follow it and see what he finds.

After going to a science teacher to figure out what could tint glass blue and getting more or less nowhere, Scott and Stiles skip school to investigate it on their own. Or, they would have, if Lydia’s mom didn’t immediately grab them and shove them back inside. So it’ll have to wait until after school. During last period where they’re watching a movie, Lydia starts to feel weird and like everything is slowed down.

Back at the station, somehow the entire police department lost a child. But he’s not lost, he’s locked himself into a cell. One of the deputy’s thinks they should call child services, but the Sheriff agrees to let the kid sit in jail.

Last period is over, and Lydia is a little out of it. While she passes by the snowy TV, something calls out to her, and she does the screen. There’s an electrical jolt and she’s thrown back across the room. Or she thinks she is, because a moment later she’s still standing by her desk.

Now that school is out, Stiles and Scott head to the address Alex gave the police, and it is super abandoned. Not only is it dusty and decrepit, it’s mostly devoid of furniture. Using the buddy system – smart move Stiles – they search the place. Either Alex got his own address wrong, or he lied to the police. Either way, there’s nothing i the house except a very creepy single closed door. After a moment’s hesitation, Stiles opens it, and finds Alex’s room completely new and untouched. Since the cops couldn’t get a warrant to search the place, they never found it. Scott hears something creeping around the house, but before they leave to check it out, Stile’s notices that all the photos in Alex’s room are empty where his parents should be.

Downstairs, Scott only sees dusty glasses on the table, but when he glances away for a second, they disappear. Still in Alex’s room, Stiles checks under the bed only to find it empty, but to see a pair of hooves walk by. When he stands, there’s nothing there. BACK downstairs, Scott runs into Mason and Liam, who followed the compass to the house. Stiles runs out of the bedroom and shuts the door, only to find the Horseman in the upstairs hall. The compasses are going haywire while Stiles is shot at. All the shots miss and hit the door instead. Stiles figures out that the Horsemen aren’t just taking people, they’re erasing them; that’s why the house is abandoned. When they open the door to Alex’s room again, it’s empty.

Stiles is trying to figure out what happened, but “people going missing and being erased from memory” isn’t in his Big Book of Unexplained Phenomena. Lydia tells him he doesn’t have to figure it all out right now, and has a small burst of foreboding, reciting the lyrics from Riders on the Storm. It’s Ghostriders on the Wild Hunt. Stiles give her a celebratory kiss and runs off.

Mason and Liam want to help Scott, but Hayden thinks they should just leave it to Scott, since he’s the Alpha. Liam and Mason aren’t so sure, but Hayden is already wondering who’s going to be the supernatural police when Scott’s gone. Liam is sorta sure he can be the alpha. That sweet summer child. He and Hayden both smell something off.

Stiles finds Scott and discovers that not did he miss lacrosse practice, Coach already gave away his jersey. Coach is really cracking down this year. He fills Scott in on Ghostriders and the Wild Hunt, about how they steal souls and everything about the person. But if Alex’s room is gone, does that mean he’s gone too?

At school, after hours, since no one locks the doors at night, Lydia and Malia meet up to talk supernatural. Lydia thinks something bad is going to happen, and she needs Malia’s help. Mason and Hayden and Liam are trying to track down the source of whatever they smelt, but it’s coming from everywhere. Like it’s seeping through the vents. They go down to the boiler room, where they are being watched. Once again, why are none of these doors locked? We couldn’t even get into the band room when there was rehearsal half the time. Anyway, there is totally a dead body down there.

It looks like being behind bars won’t save Alex, because even though he’s in a police station filled with cops, the Ghostriders manage to take him. When Scott and Stiles show up, not only is the cell open, the deputy doesn’t remember anyone named Alex. And the sign in sheet is empty. And if Alex is gone, the Riders are probably going after anyone else who was on that road. Meaning Liam and Hayden.

The school is crawling with cops so Scott and Stiles split up to look for them. Stiles stops Scott to tell him something probably really emotional and dramatic, but he can’t find the words. Scott tells him to tell him later, and runs off. Stiles immediately runs in Lydia’s mom, who is very confused about him asking about bodies and the Sheriff.

Lydia and Malia try to figure out what Lydia’s premonition with Stiles was all about. “Those who see the Wild Hunt beware, for you are already lost.” That doesn’t sound good.

Stiles grabs the members of The Pack: The Next Generation and tells them that whoever took Alex is after them, so they can’t be alone anymore. But they already have no idea who Stiles is. The empty picture form, the lacrosse jersey. It was already happening. He runs up to his dad, but he doesn’t remember him either. So basically, this is the worst thing ever. Like, I thought the punch hallucination where Stiles thought he saw his dad drunk and blaming him for his mother’s death was bad. But this is a thousand times worse. Except, when he calls Scott, Scott has no idea who he is. And when Lydia mentions his name, Malia doesn’t know who that is either.

Thankfully, Lydia still knows who he is. So at least we have that to cling to. But there’s a Ghostrider looming over them, and Lydia can’t see him. Which is a good thing, since when you see them, they take you. They take off running, but there are too many Riders to outrun. They jump into his jeep while Lydia looks everywhere but out the windows, but it’s too late. The jeep is surrounded. Stiles lets himself get taken, but tries to make Lydia promise to remember him, and that he loves her. Oh, my heart. He’s taken by the Riders, and Lydia tries to remember.

The next day at school, everything is pretty normal. Except, sadly, that Lydia forgot Stiles. But at least she knows she can’t remember.

I assume this means that w’ell be getting a good chunk of Teen Wolf sans Stiles, which would make sense given Dylan’s accident on the Maze Runner set. But more importantly, how devastated are we going to be knowing that Stiles is somewhere all alone and none of the people who love him even know he’s gone? And how are they going to remember him when the Riders erase all trace of him? And and who was the person watching Liam and Mason and Hayden creeping into the boiler room? (I still think it’s going to somehow be Allison, or at least she’s going to show up again at some point.) Let us know your theories!