Teen Wolf 5×18 Recap: Maid of Gevaudan


This week on Teen Wolf: Crytal Reed makes her TW return, and we learn not only the history of the Beast, but of his modern teenage identity. FINALLY.

Back in the 1700s, some French men are out-running something in the rain. They also take a moment to write a letter to their sister telling her what’s happening. Deep in the woods they find a cabin with candles lit, but they blow them out the second they get inside. It seems like British officers are after them, but the woman who owns the cabin tells them there’s something even worse than soldiers outside: a demon wolf. And indeed, the werewolf tears through the soldiers like they’re nothing. Gerard provides the voice over introducing the Maid of Gevaudan (who is also Allison), better known as Marie Jeanne.

Parrish is not about taking on the Beast, and takes off on the Argents and Lydia. She wants to go after him, but Daddy Argent tells her to let him go. He thinks that Lydia can take on the Beast as well.

Speaking of the Beast, it’s still totally wrecking the school after the lacrosse game. Liam is more or less torn to shreds, and Stiles can barely handle it. Liam is having trouble healing because of all the pain, so Stiles tells Hayden to help take it away. And instead of just grabbing his hand she kisses him, of course.

Back to the flashback. Mare Jeanne is in a tavern reading her brothers’ letter and overhearing about the deaths caused by the Beast. The old men of the town are discussing what it could be, and how the King is going to send in a hunting party of his own. But the best hunter in the village is Marie Jeanne, according to her brothers, who are thankfully not dead. In the joy of the men coming back alive, the boisterous people of tavern all want her to hunt the Beast but she isn’t sure; it takes another body, this one of a young boy, to finally convince her.

Marie Jeanne can’t believe her brother thinks the Beast is real. But he saw it with his own eyes. And he knows she’s going to need more than her normal arrows to kill this creature. The hunting party takes off, and Marie Jeanne goes with them. They search all night, but come up with nothing. Not until after midnight, when the Beast starts taking out the hunters one by one. Eventually only Marie Jeanne is left, and she manages to knick it with her crossbow. She’s injured and the Beast almost gets her, but luckily a man armed with mountain ash pops up and saves her.