Teen Wolf 5×17 Recap: A Credible Threat


A squall tore through my state and knocked out my power on Teen Wolf Tuesday, so my apologies about this being so late! But my town wasn’t the only thing damaged by wild forces this week, so lets get right into this recap.

This week on Teen Wolf: The pack remembers that half of them are on the lacrosse team and still have to pretend to be normal high school athletes, Malia has another tense meeting with her mother, and the incredibly drawn out mystery around the Beast’s identity continues to be drawn out.

Parrish has been hell hound sleepwalking every night, and it’s finally starting to worry him. He knows he’s going out for a purpose, doesn’t remember what that purpose is when he wakes up the next day, so he wants Daddy Argent to follow him. So when he gets up again, Chris texts Scott to let him know that Parrish is heading to the school. Liam wants to know why he’d be going there, but Scott and Stiles don’t have any answers for him, they just head to the school themselves.

Armed and ready, Chris follows the trail of burning debris through the school grounds. What happened to all the advanced security that was supposed to be prowling through the halls? I guess they only show up when nothing is happening. The boys meet up with Daddy Argent, but he’s lost the trail. Luckily, Liam notices a body lying prone on the ground, and discover it’s been dismembered, and so has another body farther down the walkway. Past that there’s a whole bus full of dead kids, with the exception of one boy who begs them to help him. But Parrish shows up and stops them, telling them it’s a trap and they can’t help anyway. The Beast pops up inside the bus, huge and still very poorly CG-ed (no really, how does Parrish going into hell hound mode look so cool and yet the Beast’s design looks like it was tossed together in a couple hour and completed with a Cheshire Cat face when they got bored and wanted to move on?) and Parrish flames-on and chases the Beast into the woods.

Mama McCall has to go to work, and leaves Malia in the very capable hands of Braeden. Malia thinks this is a bit much – the Desert Wolf can only steal her power on a full moon after all – but rules and regulations have a way of not applying when it comes to the nemeton and Beacon Hills. Mama McCall would rather be safe than sorry and adds a line of mountain ash in the doorway before she leaves.

Let’s take a break from all the death and murder happening for an unnecessary make out session between Kira and Scott. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they’re finally back together, but this unrealistic uninterrupted-by-parents roll in the hay needs to be held off until the more important things are taken care of. Like a good ol’ lacrosse game that no one remembered until this evening because no one’s been going to practice! But teen sexual appetites wait for no one. The morning after, Scott watches as Kira gets out of bed and practices with her katana. But the flash in her eyes shows that it might not be Kira who’s actually handling those weapons.