Teen Wolf 5×16 Recap: Lie Ability


This week on Teen Wolf: The pack is still trying to break Lydia out of Eichen House, and if they want to get her out safe and sound they’ll have to begrudgingly work with Theo’s pack to do so.

The pack is still in Eichen House, trying to break Lydia out. Parrish also there in full on hell hound mode, but Theo is not about using Lydia as a bargaining chip. He tells the rest of his pack to attach Parrish, which is a stupid movie because is basically impervious to everything. Valack comes to the rescue – sorta – by taking out Theo and grabbing Lydia himself. Theo recovers and throws a pole through Parrish’s chest, taking him out of the game. Valack disappears with Lydia behind a locked door.

Not everyone is at Eichen House, I guess, because Hayden and Liam are in bed together. How do teenagers find this much to have sex without their parents barging in on them? This is the least realistic thing about a show with supernatural teenagers. Once they’re done doing the do, Hayden is ready to jam out. Liam wants her to stay, with him and with his pack. When the hell is this happening? Why are we still doing ridiculous unnecessary and unannounced flashbacks? What. Is. The. Point?

Hayden’s still thinking about the talons Theo got from the Desert Wolf, and Deucalion is still trying to psych her out. He tells her she deserves better than Theo’s pack, and for once he’s right.

Back at Eichen House, Scott and Liam are still frustratingly stuck outside the unit. They can’t get in, but Meredith is there, and she can help them. Upstairs, Kira is still sending off electric jolts, and she can’t control it. And Mrs Martin is still unfortunately locked inside the Eichen House grounds. I guess she forgot she has a cellphone she can use to call the police. But she finds a electric night stick, which is just as good. Scott and Liam find Meredith, but she’s just as catatonic as Lydia was.