Teen Wolf 5×15 Recap: Amplification


This week on Teen Wolf: Scott’s pack starts planning on how to break Lydia out of Eichen House, the Beast is still wrecking Beacon Hills, and we discover the context for those flashforwards from the midseason premiere.

The beast is here, and it is gigantic and poorly rendered. The cops are hot on its tail, and Stiles and Scott aren’t far behind. Animal attacks are happening all over Beacon Hills, and Stiles tries to get them to stand down, and figures out that the Beast is heading for the hospital. Mama McCall gets a call ahead, and starts evacuating the building. They barelt get it emptied in time before the creature tears its way in and some how figures out how to use the elevator.

Still on the road, Sheriff asks where Parrish is, and immediately gets another call that a man on fire is heading to the hosptial. Wonder who that is. Somehow Scott and Stiles get there first, then they and Papa head upstairs, where Parrish is getting his ass handed to him. The final blow from the Beast knocks him out of his hellhound trance, and Scott finds a set of huge tracks leading to footprints. Shoeprints to be exact, which is confusing because I thought werewolves couldn’t shift wearing clothes.

Deaton shows Stiles and Scott pictures of experiments Valack has been performing on supernatural creatures at Eichen House. They all had holes drilled into their heads, just so Valack could see what would happen. Valack is trying to make Lydia stronger, but the hole in her head will make everything she hears and sees amplified, and her dying scream could kill everyone around her.

At the station, the Sherrif tells Stiles there’s nothing he can do to get Lydia out of Eichen House. Her mother is still fit to be her be her guardian. There’s nothing he can do… LEGALLY.

Luckily, Stiles and the McCall pack do illegal. There’s a lot of planning happening, but essentially they’ll cause a brownout to reset the keycard Stiles already stole. Kira the kitsune is going to shutdown the electrical system, which will cause a five minute reboot. Stiles Liam and Scott will sneak in during that time, and Stiles will go past the mountain ash barrier and save Lydia. There are LOTS of things that could go wrong, but they have to do it to save her. Meanwhile, Valack has a Dread Doctor helmet, and shoves it on the head of one of the orderles to see if it still works. Jusdging by the screams and clicking, it does.