Teen Wolf 5×14 Recap: The Sword and the Spirit


This week on Teen Wolf: Malia turns to Theo to track down the Desert Wolf, Scott and Liam work together to find the Dread Doctor’s lab, and Lydia works on turning her voice into a weapon.

Gerard and Daddy Argent are hunting the Beast, and after hearing Gerard’s description of it, Chris pulls out a bigger gun. But the only weapon known to kill the creature was a spear in the hands of a young woman. The further into the bowels of the building they go, the eerier things get. Gerard happens upon the Doctors, but shuts them down by figuring out the frequency they run on. Chris can hear thing creeping around beneath the floor, and sees thousands upon thousands of bugs, covering the corpses of 23 people.

They call it in, and the bodies are brought to the hospital morgue. Parrish seems upset, because it seems like his dreams are coming true. Papa Stiles is very sure that it’s not, and tells him to prove it, they’re going to go though every missing persons report and find out who they are. The small McCall pack come in, and the Sheriff asks if they know what did this. They tell him about the Beast.

Meredith is trying to teach Lydia use her voice as a weapon, but it’s slow going. It’s even harder since this is all happening in her mind or whatever. Meredith ups the ante by locking Lydia in a bulletproof glass cell.

I don’t know why, but Malia is still letting Theo help her find Deaton and her mom. He wants to drug her to take her to where the Doctors work, since a blindfold won’t exactly work. For reasons that completely escape me, Malia lets him sedate her, while throwing in some really unnecessary sexual tension.

At school, they announce that a curfew has been imposed for all kids, and there are now armed officers patrolling the halls. Kira wants to help her friends, but her father doesn’t want her to use her sword. It’s a gateway to the fox, and it’s too powerful for her to control right now. She’ll just have to use her other weapon, her mind.