Teen Wolf 5×13 Recap: Codominance


This week on Teen Wolf: Kira is tested by the skinwalkers, Malia is still tracking down her mom, Scott and Stiles have a plethora of broments, and Lydia takes the first step towards weaponizing her voice.

Kira is fighting the group of skinwalkers in the desert, and is actually holding her own against all three of them. For a while at least, until one of them kicks dust in her face and throws a spear through her shoulder, pinning her to a rock. The skinwalkers know she’s scared, but of herself not of them, and they agree to help her. But if she can’t be helped, she’ll have to stay with them, and become a skinwalker herself.

Liam shows up in Scott’s house to tell him about the chimeras, how Theo brought them back to be his pack. He also tells him that Hayden is with them, and Scott’s pretty happy that she’s not dead. But Scott and Stiles are on their way to get Kira, and Liam can’t go with them. He wants to help, but there’s nothing he can do.

There is no way Stiles’ jeep is going to make it to Mexico, but the big issue is that Scott isn’t sticking around to mend things with Liam. Kira is important, but Stiles thinks Liam should be the priority. Somehow the jeep is still running, and they take off.

Theo and Tracy are tracking something, probably the Beast by the sound of it. I’d be surprised that it got into the high school, if this school was ever locked and teenagers weren’t wandering around at all hours. Theo thinks that the Beast doesn’t even know it’s a teenager, but doesn’t say anything about if the teenager knows it’s the Beast. The Doctors show up, and Theo’s pretty pissed that he’s not a real alpha yet. The Beast makes its first full body appearance with a head in its hand, and unfortuantely the MTV budget just doesn’t include enough to make this creature not look like it came from the first season of new Doctor Who.

The skinwalkers bandage Kira’s shoulder. She only has a short while to heal before they’ll test her, and that could take months or years. Kira is a little overwhelmed by the idea of being gone for years and years, but if she doesn’t get help, the fox will take over her completely. And becoming a skinwalker is the only thing that could help her if that happens.