Teen Wolf 5×12 Recap – Damnatio Memoriae


This week on Teen Wolf: Theo’s part-parenting part-manipulating his chimera pack, somehow Stiles and his dad make us even more emotional than last week, everyone gets their first look at the Beast, and  Kira is back! Sorta.

Hayden’s sister Valerie is bringing Hayden to work, since she doesn’t trust her on her own. That’s what happens when you’re dead for three days and cover yourself by saying you were with your teenage boyfriend. Yet she trusts her enough to work as an under-aged waitress at a skeevy gay club. Valerie gets a call asking to check up on an another officer who hasn’t responded in over an hour, and takes Hayden with her. Which is very safe and by the books. The officer’s car is in the parking lot of the relay station and still running, and Valerie takes it upon herself to investigator the situation further and without calling for back up.

Liam’s tracked Hayden, hurt that she didnt’ tell him she was alive. But she’s pretty pissed he left her for dead. So much miscommunication.

Heading into the basement, Valerie finds the officer, bloody and on the brink of death. He stutters out that whatever attacked him is still here, and from the shadows emerges a gigantic monster that I can only assume is the Beast. it rushes past Valerie and goes after Hayden and Liam, who immediately start running. The kids head through the woods and come to a chasm, which Hayden is sure they make. Liam isn’t so sure. Hayden makes the jump easily, but Liam is caught on the ledge. The Beast makes the jump as well, and Liam pulls Hayden into the depths of the valley to save her. The fall breaks Liam’s back and Hayden peaces out once she makes sure he’s not dead. She’s not very impressed he saved her life.

Tracy and Theo go to the hospital to finish killing the guy she almost killed earlier this season. I think her dad? She doesn’t slash him up, just puts her Kanima poison into his IV drip, which paralyzes his insides.

Parrish shows Scott the video of whatever was tearing its way through the relay station, and he immediately knows it’s the last chimera. Also, mercury at the crime scene is a convincer. Scott’s also pretty cryptic about how this monster kills just for the fun of it, and asks Parrish exactly how many bodies he sees when he dreams about the nemeton. Parrish is even more cryptic when he tells Scott he sees everyone.