Teen Wolf 5×07 Recap: Strange Frequencies


This week on Teen Wolf: Beacon Hills is full of murder teens, the pack thinks up a plan that goes just as well as all their other plans have been going this season, and we finally get the Melissa/Sheriff team up we’ve been craving.

Still on the roof of the hospital. Theo confronts Stiles about Donovan, and Stiles manages to be incredibly awesome and threatening in return. Apparently, Theo was there at the library, and he knows Stiles killed Donovan. But he didn’t take the body, and he didn’t know who did. BUT THEY ARE TAKING THIS BODY OFF THE ROOF. WHAT A GRAND IDEA. There aren’t a lot of options here, and Stiles still hates Theo, but they’re going to take this body and run off. Thankfully, Stiles has some experience with this.

Hayden is super sketched out by the idea of werewolves. Liam tries to change to show her that it’s all real, which is just, the wrong idea. She punches him in the face a drives off. I knew there was something about her I liked. She stops on a really weird dark abandoned road to check on her hand. Once again, her wounds heal almost instantly, so maybe she should give the werewolf thing another think. While she’s thinking her car dies, and no matter what she tries, the engine won’t turn over. Which is bad news, as the Dread Doctors are baring down on her. She tries to bail out of the car, but it keeps locking her in. LUCKILY LIAM IS THERE TO RIP THE ROOF OFF AND SAVE HER.

They bring the dude from the roof to the clinic to show Scott, who recognizes him from the school. Stiles says someone has to stay with the body, so it doesn’t disappear like th others, and Theo volunteers. It looks like there might be a discussion about this choice, but then Liam texts his pack dads about Hayden being a chimera, and they have yet another thing to deal with. She’s locked herself in the bathroom, and the boys try talking her into coming back out. She’s staying pretty silent on the subject, but comes out when she starts changing herself.

Kira is a good daughter who will help her father out on a Saturday. It turns into a sword fighting practice when her mom comes out of nowhere and attacks her. She doesn’t have her sword belt, so Mom lends her one of her own. Thank god the school is abandoned as usual. Mom isn’t pulling any punches, and dang there needs to be more mother-daughter fighting. Mom calls out the kitsune, but isn’t ready for how far it was willing to go, because once again, the fox wanted to kill. This really needs to be addressed. It probably won’t be.

Mason is in the library getting his research on, and scoping out cute boys. It turns out the boy Cory knew Lucas, who died at the club. Cory just wants to know if Lucas said anything and when Mason doesn’t have any info. Cory leaves sadly, and Mason notices he was looking at a “miraculous healing” book. What an oddly specific book to have in a high school library.