Teen Wolf: 5 Reasons the Show They Are Making Isn’t the Same One We Are Watching


So, I’ve read a lot of Teen Wolf fanfiction lately. Suffice to say it’s a bit of a problem, but my personal fanfic addictions are not why we’re here. We’re here because of this story, from the day I first started watching the show:

Me: So, when does Stiles turn into a werewolf?

Friend: What?

Me: Well, the show is about Stiles right? And Derek? Who is this kid?

Friend: Scott McCall? He’s…the Teen Wolf. …what?

And so I thought to myself, well, most of my Teen Wolf information comes from Tumblr, and so maybe it’s just that the people I’m following really love those two characters. That’s probably why they are more prevalent on my dash than just about anything else. But then, I started reading the fanfiction, and that’s when I discovered the truth.

We Teen Wolf fans are watching a completely different show than the creators, writers, and directors are making, at least so far. This isn’t to say that I think these expectations are invalid; I think they are based (mostly) in canon and (mostly) on observation. I just think we’re picking up on things that aren’t prominent or perhaps even intentional.  Let me explain:

Lydia Martin

What we’re watching: A bit magic. She’s acerbic and witty out of love, extremely well-dressed, and brilliant.

What they’re showing: She’s bitchy, superior, brilliant, and uses acerbic wit to hide her compassion, not express it.


Isaac Lahey

What we’re watching: Puppy. Due to his tragic and violent past, he’s vulnerable, sweet, sensitive and doted upon.

What they’re showing: One half of psycho duo. He eventually comes off of power trip for a single sensitive moment in the last episode when he heals a dog with his werewolf powers and cries a bit.

bitch face isaac

Scott McCall

What we’re watching: He’s either a puppy or a potato, depending on whether you’re talking to a pro or anti Scott fan, a goof ball, and he has a heart of gold.

What they’re showing: He’s the actual main character of show, an Alpha in his own right according to Derek, and potential Alpha according to show creator Jeff Davis. He can be sort of manipulative.

derek scott gerard
  • Heather Hogan

    This is such an hilarious and astute article not only about Teen Wolf, but about fan communities as a whole. I recap a lot of TV shows and it seems like Teen Wolf and Glee are the trickiest because it’s such a tempestuous balancing act between what’s actually happening on screen and what’s happening inside fandom’s head and heart. I really like both series, but in both cases, I think fandom writes a better show. :)

  • Chaya

    I definitely watch Teen Wolf despite Scott McCall. He has grown at me with time, but the entire first season I didn’t understand why the entire show wasn’t about Stiles. The closest comparison I can think of is Dawson’s Creek. No one who watched that even remembers that Dawson was supposed to be the main character. Teen Wolf has a similar vibe.

    • Sara Danver

      Dawson Leery was a jerk. I just have to say it. It’s like my immediate kick reaction to anyone mentioning him.

  • Neha

    Wow, I totally agree with you. I am also a fan of sterek shipping, and I live for the increasingly less scenes they have together. I feel fanfic build so much possibilities and adventure that does not necessarily involve everyone, but a few who you grow to love. I want an episode where Scott isn’t the hero all the time… Though I don’t think that will happen anytime soon, damn me being just a fan Girl!