Teen Titans Series A No-Go at TNT


It looks like we’re not getting a live-action Teen Titans series after all.

First announced back in late 2014, the show was set to revolve around Dick Grayson coming into his own as Nightwing, who would have recruited a team similar to the one fans know and love. Unfortunately, after a very quiet 2015, TNT announced they were passing on the project, with president of TNT Kevin Reilly saying the series “wasn’t where we wanted to go.”

This cancellation is upsetting for certain reasons, but a bit of a relief for others. After two different cartoon series, it would have been nice to get a more dramatic, somewhat adult Teen Titans, especially for fans who grew up watching the original animated series. But on the other hand, the live-action Teen Titans show would have been yet another DC series on a network separate from the rest of the growing DC television empire. Right now, there are five DC series on three networks, and only three of them have the ability to cross characters over. So while a new Teen Titans series would have been great, it would have been frustratingly solitary.

If you want to get your Teen Titans fix, you’ll have to tune into Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go!, but you never know. We might see these characters cropping up in some other shows.