Teasers Released for Super Bowl Commercial Trailers of Marvel Films

You know we’ve reached an interesting point in consumerism when we’re now getting teasers of upcoming trailers. It’s not that these two spots are supposed to tease us for the upcoming film. No, they specifically say at the end to tune in to see the rest of the trailers during Sunday’s Super Bowl. I want to hate this tactic so badly, but I’m actually more interested in the Super Bowl now. Freaking marketers and their knowledge of how to appeal to people who don’t care at all about football. Not that there aren’t Marvel fans out there who do care about football. I just don’t happen to be one.

Confused as to what I’m talking about. Over the past two days, there have been previews released for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Not actual previews, just previews of the previews. Let’s break them down.

We’ll start with Captain America, since the video is only 15 seconds long. We’ve already seen the first trailer, so there might not be a lot of new things in Sunday’s spot. Does this tell us much of anything new? No, but lots of things are going to go boom. And the captain will have a dramatic showdown with someone.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gave us a bit more to work with, releasing a full 30 seconds of Sunday’s spot. Once again, we’ve already seen a trailer and a teaser, so there isn’t much new. We do get a glimpse of Spidey saving Gwen that hasn’t been released before, so it seems that we are going to get some new footage on Sunday. Where the first trailer seemed to focus more on the stuff going on with Oscorp, this new spot looks pretty Electro-heavy.

Regardless of how stupid this marketing ploy may seem, it is clearly getting us to talk about the TV ads ahead of Sunday’s game. Whether you’re watching for the game or the commercials, it seems we will be guaranteed some action.