Team StarKid Releases 1Night 2Last 3Ever Promo


Team StarKid is on quite a roll this year. Today they released a hilariously fun ’90s throwback style promo video for 1Night 2Last 3Ever, the sketch comedy, pop-nostalgia show based around the fictional boy band 3Ever that they announced last month. The video takes the ’90s boy band cliche to heart, from the original music to the clothes and even the body language. Any ’80s and ’90s kids who watch are likely having major childhood flashbacks right about now.

The show will play at Second City’s UP Comedy Club in Chicago, the same venue that hosted Airport for Birds last year. A somewhat smaller group of Starkids will be filling the cast of 3Ever. They include:

  • Jeff Blim
  • Denise Donovan
  • Lauren Lopez
  • Pat Rourke
  • Meredith Stepien
  • Daniel Strauss
  • Joseph Walker

Behind-the-scenes roles include:

  • Brian Holden – Director
  • Nick Gage – Music Direction
  • Sarah Petty – Lighting Design

The show will run entirely on Sundays, September 15 – October 27. All of the shows are at 7 p.m. Tickets are on sale and are $20 for general admission and $50 for VIP.

Are you planning to see 1Night 2Last 3Ever? Does the promo have you excited? Let us know!