Take Wizarding Classes in a Real Castle with a Harry Potter LARP


Every Harry Potter fan has dreamt about an owl flying into their room with a letter inviting them to Hogwarts, only to have their eleventh year come and go with nothing to show. Those letters may not have come for them, but they can still go to wizarding school.

From larping.com comes news that Rollespilsfabrikken and Liveform, a Danish/Polish team, have put together The Czocha College of Wizardry, a Harry Potter LARP (live action role play) where people can sign up to be magical students and take classes in an actual castle. Check out the trailer for the LARP below, and watch people brew potions in the dungeons, play Quidditch, and live out all your childhood dreams.

It’s not exactly like the LARPing you’re familiar with, if you’re even familiar with it at all. Live action role playing is when people create characters, and then physically act out what their characters would do in a group setting. Essentially, Dungeons and Dragons, but as real life as it can get without real magic. Not than fantasy is the only genre people will LARP within, but it does seem to be the most popular. In addition to individually created personas, there are usually actors who play other established characters the LARPers can interact with to further their story. In a Harry Potter LARP setting, these characters are likely to be professors and creatures that live in the castle and on the grounds, like house elves.

EDIT: As it turns out, even the professors and janitors are players as well! The NPC (Non Player Characters, I’m told is the lingo) are the creatures and ghosts people interact and talk with.


Based on some of the photos from John-Paul Bichard, students will be able to interact with school ghosts,

harry potter larp 1

wander through the woods, meeting all different kinds of magical creatures

harry potter larp 2


and even fight dementors.

harry potter larp 3



Information on the new school semester will be released on December 1,  with sessions running twice in April 2015: first from the 9th to the 12th, and again the 16th to the 19th.


This post has been updated to fix minor errors.

  • Claus Raasted

    Thanks for the words. A few minor corrections:

    “Rollespils” is actually “Rollespilsfabrikken” (www.rollespilsfabrikken.dk), a Danish volunteer larp organisation.

    And professors, janitors, and the groundskeeper were also player characters at the larp. Ghosts, monsters, etc. were supporting cast (Non Player Characters – NPCs in the lingo)

    Apart from those small things – excellent article.
    There’ll be a 20 min. documentary about it out before too long. Should we keep you updated? :)

    - Claus Raasted
    Main Organiser, College of Wizardry

    • Summer

      Thank you and sorry about that! That was definitely an editing failure on my part.

      That’s really neat that the professors and everyone were player characters in the LARP, I never would have thought that. My experiences have been few and history-based, and each time the larger, more established roles where played by people of the group hosting the event.

      The teaser trailer was wonderful and I’m sure the documentary will be amazing as well. Any more information you have I’d gladly read. Digging into other sites left me coming up a bit short of exact information, I’m afraid.

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