South By Southwest Weekend Recap

Welcome to our South by Southwest Recap! I’m more tired than I’ve ever been and I think I only went to about one percent of what was offered during the festival. The exhaustion was well worth it, however. Behold’s South by Southwest experience featuring Managing Editors Josh Wittge and Patrick Ross (yours truly) and our Trunk Intern* Bre Bader!

Day One

Our first day was a whirlwind, and we loved every minute. We picked up our badges a bit before noon and then headed uptown to the HBO/Mondo Game of Thrones gallery preview.

got gallery 1

We packed Bre into the trunk of a Car2Go and zipped over to see many glorious pieces of artwork inspired by the books and TV show. The atmosphere was amazing, and General Manager Mo Shafeek was a gracious and accommodating host! The highlight of the evening was the generous offerings of Iron Throne, the new blonde wheat by Ommegang Brewing Company. It was totally delicious and we each had two.








After totally geeking out on free beer and awesome artwork, we headed back downtown to catch the grand opening of the Gaming Expo, sponsored by Nintendo. One of the most intriguing things we saw at the expo was the modular computer from Xi3.


There was also some shout casting of a Starcraft 2 match. It was oddly enrapturing to watch. Nintendo debuted it’s latest Animal Crossing, City Folk. And there was even a “Paper Hotspot” where only paper devices were allowed.

Among all of this, rushing around trying to see Grumpy Cat and Scumbag Steve, and taking a quick Lego break, we had a long day and slept a quick bit before heading into day two.

*While Bre is actually a Staff Writer and not an intern, someone had to ride in the back of the smart car.

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