Supernatural Review 12×02: Filling in the Blanks

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Hi friends! I’m writing this all the way in Burbank, California where I’m currently living my best life at LeakyCon. Yeah. You should be jealous. Not even a Harry Potter conference could keep me away from my beloved Winchesters, so your Supernatural recap is here. It’s just gonna be a little shorter than normal (sorry about it but I have a Wizard Rock concert to get to).

Which is a shame because tonight’s episode was great. With a capital G.


Crowley catches up with Rowena and blackmails her into helping him locate Lucifer. The witch reluctantly goes along with it and succeeds in holding the dark Prince for a short time. Lucifer finally found a vessel that could hold him in the form of aged rock star Vince Vincente (aka Rick Springfield, who pulled out an unexpectedly great performance. No disrespect to the “Jessie’s Girl” crooner, but I honestly was not anticipating enjoying his turn outside of the novelty aspect. He was really really good this episode and I’m excited to see what else he can pull.) So Crowley attempts to get the devil back in the cage by throwing acid on his vessel (the makeup effects were Walking Dead level solid) but obviously that did not cut it. Lucifer heals himself and Crowley poofs away before he can get smote. Leaving, of course, his mother in the clutches of her once killer. That is going to bite him back before the end of the season.

Meanwhile Cas and Dean worked on finding Sam. And find him they did! But not before Sam lived through a spell induced fantasy in which he was happily sleeping with Toni. That British harlot. Considering all of the bad relationships Sam has ended up in in the past, I had a brief moment in which I thought “Well… here we go again I guess.”

Turns out the reason Toni is trying so hard to get Sam to open up – via torture, sex dreams, torture again – is because the British MoL wants to “help” the American branch eradicate the supernatural forces from the country. The home office instructions were literally “befriend” and “get them to trust us” so homegirl did an awful job when she decided to kidnap one of the two most prolific hunters ever and nearly kill him 5 times over. *God Save the Queen plays softly in the background on a melodica*

So Team Two Boyfriends and A Mom bust in to save their lost brother just in time. Well, I say just in time. Really Dean gets captured, and Mary and Cas have to save both Winchester dorks from their own terrible mistakes. And really Cas and Mary were allowed in by Mick – another MoL member. Since Toni went overboard and failed miserably she had to be leashed by the MoL. Mick tries to talk Toni into going back to London after failing, but she refuses. And although it lookd as though she’ll be staying in the States and stalking the Winchesters for a while longer, it appears the mysterious Mr. Ketch and his suitcase full of weapons is on his way as well. Yay more villains!


And finally the Bunker now has its full set of Winchesters back, so we were treated to a little family dinner. Complete with Dean getting to eat pie! Thank god for moms.

My favorite parts of this episode all had to do with Sam. Sam who was physically tortured. Who had his mind invaded multiple times. Who witnessed his brother, whom he presumed dead, walk in to rescue him, only to see him get beaten too. Who then saw his mother appear, back from the dead, get beaten as well, and then get up and kick major ass to save all of them. Sam had a ton to process in just 42 minutes and all of it played so so well. When Dean was dragged in the door the range of emotions that played across his face were amazing. But nothing compared to the abject wonder with which he gazed at his mother. Or the way he stared at her across the table in the bunker. Or how about:

I wanted to say… if you ever want to talk I know what it’s like to come back and not feel like you really… fit.


Dad’s journal. His writing. His words. Helped me fill in some blanks I didn’t know I had. And, you know, it keeps him with us. Sort of.


This is my family. My family hunts, you know? It’s what we do… Mom? For me? Just having you here? It fills in the biggest blank.


I’m pretty sure I say this every time it happens, but Sam Winchester needed this. Catharsis and de-tangling his emotions are something Sam never gets enough of. So to see him reach out to his mother in comfort/solidarity was super special and performed beautifully. And the family feels quadrupled when you saw Mary’s face. Mary – who knew her eldest son was feeling awkward with her around and who felt a tremendous guilt over the deal she made with ol Yellow Eyes. Her death, John’s death, her sons hunting – all of that she knows is a direct result of that deal. “How can I face Sam knowing what I did?” Seems that the boys got that guilt thing from both of their parents. Sam’s words brought her just as much if not more comfort as they did for him. Did that sentence make sense? Suffice it to say I was totally right when I guessed that Sam and Mary were going to be the closer pair; I just didn’t also guess the epic family feels that would come with it. Which, knowing this show, was truly a foolish mistake. Their hug nearly killed me.


Even more foolish was not anticipating Dean’s final scene. Dean who was awkward around his mom. Who was uncomfortable enough to ask CASTIEL of all people for advice. Who tried playing the big brother role to his hunter-for-her-whole-life mother. Dean found his own solace by hiding behind a counter in the kitchen, drinking, and looking at old family photos. Dean has no clue what to do with this new family dynamic; he went from the Darkness to his mom being resurrected to rescuing Sam – he’s had no time to process his own feelings. I’m fairly certain Dean was taking that solitary moment to think about his dad. Which work nicely when you consider the fact that his scene transitioned into Mary going through John’s journal.

Winchester. Family. Feelings.

Quotes and Notes and Other Things

Cas: “Don’t make things needlessly complicated as you humans tend to do.” Cas was going to say “idiots” in lieu of “humans” but he felt bad at the last second. Glad to know the fans aren’t the only ones who notice the Winchester getting in their own way all the time.

Cas: “You brought your mother?” Mary: “Hello Castiel. Yes he did.” Mom vs Boyfriend: CW Edition

Mick: “I reckon he could finish me off without breaking a sweat; am I right?” Cas: “I don’t sweat under any circumstances.”

Mary: “I would have cooked but I don’t.” Dean: “Wait but your meatloaf was amazing.” Mary: “Came from the Piggly-Wiggly. Sorry to burst your bubble.” Dean’s face here was nothing but perfection. As was the pathetic little pat Mary had to give him.

Mary: “Do you still like pie?” Oh Mary. You don’t even know.

Mary: “Could you eat that any faster?” Dean: “No. No I could not.”

Mary: “Well we should call the internet and find out as much as we can about these people… Did I say that right?” Dean: “So close.” Sam: “So close.” Mary has been alive for like 72 hours and she is trying so damn hard and I am loving every second of it.

The song that played near the end was “Lost Angel” by Heart

  • Renjr84

    Excellent episode..could some one refresh my memory.. I know there was an episode a couple of seasons after Benny first appeared but I forget how it ended with him and if he was still alive when it was all said and done?

    • Leah617

      Benny was last seen in season 8. When Sam went to get Bobby’s soul from Purgatory (second trial) he got stuck. Dean had to kill Benny to send his soul to Purgatory in order to lead Sam and Bobby out. When they made it to the gate, Benny purposely stayed behind because he felt like he didn’t fit in the real world anymore.