Supernatural Review 11×23: Black Hole Sun

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*aggressively sings CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON while curled up in a ball and rocking back and forth*

So… that was FUN. Finale’s always do WONDERS for my nerves. Two years ago, when we had the demon Dean finale, I was sent into hysterics. I was crying and laughing and babbling and crying and OK sure I’m over-emotional and maybe was a little drunk at the time, but I’ll never forget the chaos my brain was thrown into after that happened.


That didn’t happen tonight.

Although I will say that I gasped so hard and so loudly that I kid you not I saw stars. Yup. Almost made myself pass out while expressing my shock to an empty room.

I am killing it as a high-functioning adult you guys.

So before we get to the surprise ending, for the last time this season, let’s do a quick and dirty plot recap.

So Team Did A Bad Job of Taking Down Amara notice that not only is Lucifer missing, and that Chuck is dying, but the Sun is also going out. So they’re really living up to that name I gave them. God uses some of his remaining energy to zap them all back to the bunker. Most of the Team is resigned that they can’t do anything at this point. Literally everyone but Sam busts out their beverage of choice and decides to wait out the end of the world. But Sam is our Ravenclaw – he needs to have a plan. He’s also our man of Faith – it doesn’t matter if all seems hopeless. If Sam believes that they have a chance, even a tiny chance, for even a moment, he’ll keep fighting.


So the Team manages to scrap together a Plan B. Even though Chuck doesn’t want to, it seems the only way to save the Earth is to kill Amara. They figure out that they just need to hit her with enough light to blot her out. And what can give them that much light? Souls. The Team goes out to collect as many souls as they can, but Heaven is not willing to help, and Hell has raided Crowley’s soul stash. Only Sam and Dean manage to wrangle like 20 ghosts from a haunted sanitorium. Which is not NEARLY enough battery power for their magic crystal light bomb.

Lucky for them, my homegirl Billie was stalking the boys while they ghostbusted. The boys explain what they need the souls for and she looks at them like they are the simplest beings she’s ever met (they might be) and she agrees that this is a good plan to save the Earth. So the number one reaper in my heart uses her own ability to summon hundreds of thousands of souls from the veil and stick them into the bomb.

Dead folks? Kinda my thing.


But, of course, since nothing is ever easy on this show, one can’t just carry the bomb into Mordor, they have to be the bomb. And since Dean is the one who is closest to Amara, he gets to be the bomb. Resigned to his fate, Dean accepts his suicide mission to save the world, and after some teary goodbyes (I’ll get into those in the quotes section), God zaps him to meet his fate.

Now while all of this was happening, we were also introduced to a British blonde woman of letters. She gets a secret phone call, and from what we can understand, she’s being sent to take care of Sam and Dean. Which I suppose makes sense. I mean death and the world ending apparently aren’t ever enough of a consequence for the Winchesters to learn their lesson about how to be responsible humans. So now the consequence is a group of wealthy Men of Letters who are sick of their nonsense. Tip: don’t piss off ancient secret British organizations.

Back in the important plot, everyone but Dean goes to drink away their sorrows in an empty bar called The Lazy Shag (BEST BAR NAME TAKE ME THERE). Dean begins his advance on Amara, but she knows that he’s carrying a weapon. Even more important, it turns out that Amara has been doing some of her own soul searching while waiting for the end of days. And it looks as though she maybe regrets what she did to her brother. Particularly since killing God is what’s destroying the Sun. So… oops?


Knowing that the bomb won’t save the planet, Dean instead decides to talk to Amara. About family. And about understanding. And about reconciliation and understanding and forgiveness.

Me and Sam? We’ve had our fair share of fights. More than our share. But no matter how bad it got we always made it right because we’re family. I need him. He needs me. And when everything goes to crap that’s all you’ve got: family. And you might be an all-powerful being, but I think you’re human where it counts. You simply need your brother. You don’t wanna be alone. Not really. Hell maybe that’s why you wanted me. But deep down you didn’t want me cause I’m not him. And maybe I can kill you. Or maybe I can’t. Maybe if I pull this trigger we all live happily ever after. Or maybe we die bloody. Or maybe it doesn’t matter. Because maybe there’s a different way. I’m asking you again – put aside your rage. Put aside your hate. And you tell me: what do you want?

And I’ll be damned.

So Amara zaps her brother to her. And she explains herself and apologizes and says that she loves him. And he explains himself and apologizes and says that he loves her. And God is healed, and Amara is happy, and the Sun is coming back (the music here was SO GOOD), and God removes the bomb from Dean. Everything seems to be OK. Amara and God go off together to catch up on the millennia of backlogged discussion that they missed.


While I’m sure some will consider it a cop out, I genuinely loved that the way to save the world was to reconcile God and his sister. Supernatural is, at its core, a show about brothers. Brothers who fight and argue and want to beat each other senseless. But who, at the end of the day, know how much they need one another. Who know that they are at their best when they are together – when they are whole. I thought it was lovely that Dean basically espoused the importance of communication and forgiveness over fighting and got the two oldest beings in existence to work through their shit.

Meanwhile Sam and Cas believe that since the Sun is fixed, that Dean kamikazed his way into the hero hall of fame. They get back to the bunker just in time to meet our woman of letters (Toni Bubble. Buddle?) She uses an angel blast to send Cas away, and, because he refuses to stop walking towards her, shoots Sam.

Normally I would never forgive that. I would never be cool with a fake-out “did she just shoot J.R.” moment. I wasn’t cool with it last season (with Cas attacking Crowley). But! This time I forgive.

Because we didn’t end on the fake-out. Instead we go back to Dean. Stumbling around in some bushes trying to figure out where he is since God didn’t deign to send him back home. And before I could even remember to ponder what Amara meant when she told him “You gave me what I wanted most. I’m going to do the same for you” Dean hears a woman calling for help.

And the camera turns. And there, in her nightgowned glory, is Mary Winchester.

Holy cats I can’t believe that’s where we’re ending. I mean… WHAT? I am so stoked for what this means for next season. You know why? Because I’m sure it’s going to be nothing but emotions and feelings and angst for a while. Particularly if Sam has been moose napped to England. But think of where we could go from there. Mary was raised in a hunting family. She could be the boys new Bobby – running intel and backup from the bunker. Coddling Cas when he’s confused. Making Sam and Dean sandwiches. Having Sam and Dean make her sandwiches. Really I just foresee a lot of sandwiches in the future and I am HERE FOR IT.

Quotes and Notes and Other Things:

  • “So that WAS a gun in your pocket.” – I love you Rowena
  • “Well that was a complete dog’s breakfast.” “I didn’t know dogs had breakfast.” “Cas is back.” – These are my favorite exchanges and I hope we can get back to that quickly next season.
  • Sam being SO DONE with everyone just drinking assorted beverages to cope was killing me. I was trying not to laugh too loud so that I could hear what was happening but the incredulity on his face was perfection.
  • “You’re the best friend we ever had. You’re our brother Cas, I want you to know that.” Dean took Cas on a beer run and then told him they loved him LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE.
  • Rowena calling God “Charles” is my aesthetic.
  • I was too busy laughing at Dean’s Scottish accent to notice he was actually explaining their plan. Took me two rewinds to catch the whole crystal thing that. You’re all lucky I’m diligent.
  • Billie and Crowley totally had a fling. She eyeballed him twice. I’m here for it.
  • When they were at Mary’s grave I nearly lost it. Especially when I recalled that Dean never visited it before. And then Sam lays a kiss on it. Ah JEEZ my HEART.
  • Cas initiated the HUG. And then was like “I could go with you.” And I just was having a tough time seeing my boys like that. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I ship them really hard so this episode was doing a number on me.
  • “OK look I want a big funeral. I’m talking epic. Open bar, choir, Sabbath cover band, Gary Busey reading the eulogy. And for my ashes I like it here. You know as far as eternal resting places go…” [Dean then proceeds to get choked up. He hands the keys to Baby to Sam, while Sam shakes his head.] “C’mon you know the drill: no chick flick moments.” “You love chick flicks.” This show is way too good at going from hilarious to utterly devastating in a snap. It does things to my emotions.
  • No but really the epic guitar when the Sun turned back on? That was my JAM.
  • The effect of God’s Light and Amara’s Darkness swirling together and dancing towards the sky was so pretty. So so pretty. I loved everything about that moment.
  • It’s killing me a little right now to think that Sam is probably dealing with being shot and alone and also is believing his brother is in a million pieces. KILLING me. Their reunion is going to fuel my fanfic searches for all of hellatus.
  • “You’re just some drummed up hunter playing with things you don’t understand and doing more harm than good.” Ok I agree with that last bit, but considering that these boys had God making them breakfast, I’m pretty sure they know more than you British lady.
  • I’m in a much more comfortable place now than I was at the end of last season. I thought that this was was a more well thought episode. It was tighter and more interesting. I also like the set up for next season. Mary’s back and we get to meet a whole new world with the established Men of Letters group in London. Basically I’m just super stoked for season 12 BRING IT ON.
  • Lasse William Kræn Hyllested

    There were so many wonderful moments in this episode! And like you said, still really tight and satisfying! Rowena and Chuck bonding, and Crowley hating every second of it: “So glad the world is ending!”… OH JOY!
    And the setup for next year really was the perfect blend of promising, mysterious and suspenseful! After a solid season (the best in a long time I would say), this could go in so many directions :-)
    Thank you for another great review, you always express my own feelings for this show perfectly!

    • Leah617

      Thanks for reading!

  • Clare

    what wil fill my fanfic searches during helaltus will be dean turning around and kissing cas after he admits he does love chick flick moments, i mean the openening was right there :P

    • Leah617

      I mean… yes I would like to read that.