Supernatural Review 11×22: The Peanut Gallery

Managing Editor

On tonight’s episode of Supernatural: a reconciliation, an unlikely team up, and the complete opposite of a reconciliation.

Or to put it another way:


Oh man you guys. Did anyone else look at their clock around 9:44 and go “This can’t end well. We have 15 minutes and a whole extra episode left… this chick is gonna kill God isn’t she?”

I hate being right.

Well God isn’t quite dead. Not yet. He’s just dying. He’s mostly dead. Sam and Dean are gonna get him to Miracle Max it’ll all be fine.

Team Free Will Part Deux had to come up with a plan to take out the Darkness. But before they could dig in, they had to take care of the elephant in the room. And by elephant I mean God and the Devil and their familial issues.


If we all can agree that God is a disenchanted hipster English grad student, then Lucifer is most definitely a Newport-smoking 16 year old who likes to chill outside of a Hot Topic. (Not inside. His dad banned him from going in. But Dad didn’t say anything about leaning against the faux brick wall and scowling for hours on end. Take THAT dad!)

So Sam and Dean sit the pair down and try to get them to reconcile. It kind of works. Once God sends Sam and Dean to another room, he is able to speak candidly to his son:

I was supposed to love all creation equally. I wasn’t supposed to have favorites. But you. You were mine. I gave you the Mark because I loved you the most. Because I thought you were strong enough to bear it. And when I saw that I was wrong… when I watched my choice devour my most cherished son I hated myself. And so I punished you. And I am so sorry.

Woof. Talk about your daddy feels.

Lucifer seems to be accepting of his father at this point. I’m not 100% sure I believed his intentions, but by the end of the episode it didn’t really matter. With God dying, I’m pretty sure Lucifer doesn’t have time to deny the love he has for his father. He’s gonna go after his aunt something fierce.

As the boys look to God for a plan, the only thing that seems settled upon is that God has no intention of killing his sister. He wants her locked up to retain the light v dark balance the world needs. And Dean is not OK with that. Lucifer proceeds to drag Dean across the damn table and explain that Dean’s reluctance to let Amara live is because he’s afraid of what he may do if she continues to exist. If God kills her, Dean can breathe easy. If she’s just imprisoned, what’s to stop him from going bonkers and trying to free her again?

(side note: the answer to that question is Dean himself. Because that little idiot might have some sort of weirdo connection to Amara, but he’s stronger than he thinks. And I bet if it came down to it he could keep his shit in check. Get it together homie. I need you to GET IT TOGETHER.)


So: the plan. God decided that the best way to take out his sister was head on. They would gather as much force as they could among their contacts and pretty much invite Amara to her own beat down. Dean went to Hell to recruit Crowley, and Crowley in turn recruited his wayward demons. Lucifer went to Heaven to recruit the angels, and had Cas speak to them after they didn’t trust him outright. Sam went to find Rowena and enlist both her and a handful of super powerful witches. So there you go. 5 witches, the wrath of heaven, the rage of hell, the king of Hell, the fallen angel, and God. Oh and I guess these two human chumps who, c’mon now, were severely outclassed and didn’t really get to do much of anything once it came down to it. Which is a nice change of pace. The boys will always be important and necessary. But it was interesting to see just how human they were next to all these other preternatural beings.

So once Amara was significantly weakened, God planned to take away the Mark and seal her away once more. At which point I said “Hey wait who’s going to bear the Mark?” And with perfectly synced timing, God looks in Sam’s direction and Sam nods his head and NO SAMMY. NO.

Sam and God made a deal. Neither Lucifer nor Dean could take the Mark again – they were already corrupted. So Sam agreed to be the guinea pig. Sam “we gotta focus on the greater good” Winchester wanted to sacrifice himself. Again. And while Dean was unhappy with the revelation, he ended resigned to it.


But of course this plan was wholly pathetic and should have been better thought out I mean honestly. So the troops are rallied. And Amara struggles through the first few barriers and gets pretty banged up. She enters the building to take on her brother and is met with a spear in the back thanks to Lucifer. YIKES. Amara gets seriously messed up in this scene. Super powerful ancient evil Dean-stealing hussy or not – I kind of felt bad for her. Especially when she spoke with her brother:

My apology at last. What does sorry do me? I spent millions of years crammed into that cage alone and afraid wishing begging for death because of death. because of you! What was my crime brother… We were equals. We weren’t great and powerful because we stood only in relation to each other. You think you made the archangels to bring light? No. You made them to create lesser beings. to make you large. To make you lord. It was ego. You wanted to be big… It doesn’t have to be like this. I loved you, brother.

Wow. Amara had me feeling some kind of way. Like the episode earlier in the season where Amara got to strut around and act like the boss ass bitch that she is, Emily Swallow finally got to bring some life into her character in this scene. In these moments, Amara was suddenly fleshed out and relatable – regardless of the fact that she’s God’s equal in power. We were finally able to feel along with her.

And after all that? God’s hubris got the best of him. He moved forward with a half-baked plan, that his heart wasn’t truly in, and he underestimated his sister’s desire to be free. Death? Amara accepted that. Being caged? Not an option. She manages to retain the Mark as it’s being transferred to Sam and then strikes out at her brother.

Not even Dean’s plea is enough to keep the enraged entity at bay. She vanishes. And the remains of the Team stare around as they take in all this failed plan of attack has cost them.


So yeah. All that happened. I’m left feeling a little let down to be honest. Knowing that we have a whole episode to go before summer hiatus, it was easy to not get too invested in the plan of attack itself. But the character work in this episode was on point. Everyone got a great moment or an epic speech. The effects team definitely blew next year’s budget on this episode because it looked really good. Especially the bit where the demons took on Amara and lifted her up in the air. That was great. I liked the scenes with the Louisiana Bayou witch. I liked the moment where Crowley’s demons called him out on being a crappy king. I really liked the shot of Rowena, the shot that should have been the cap before the credits, where she stared into the rising sun with her running makeup – it was too beautiful.

I’m honestly not sure how they’re gonna keep up the suspense for the finale – I can realistically see about 3 possible endings and I’m not satisfied with any of them. Not after all the build-up of this year. But I’m not a Supernatural writer. And if anyone can turn it out, it’s this crew.

Quotes and notes and other things:

  • “One cosmic band-aid on the knee and you think we’re ready to play catch in the school yard? Screw you.” Actual teenager, Lucifer.
  • “This is the worst episode of Full House ever.” I dunno Dean. Have you watched that show recently? Some of it is super painful.
  • “If God has something to say to me he’ll come to my room!” Actual teenager, the Devil.
  • “This is just more of the same King Crowley’s bad dinner theatre.” The SHADE of it all.
  • *Rowena enters Clea’s cabin* Me: “That dress does not go with that bayou, chere.”
  • Everything about Sam and Dean trying to start the intervention scene was gold. I want to wrap myself in that scene and just live in it all cozy like.
  • “The Mark didn’t change you it just made you more of what you already were.” That moment when your dad gets too real.
  • Right after getting teleported from the balcony Dean looked so flustered. And then he grabbed his stomach like he was gonna puke and I was cackling.
  • “Michael is in no condition to fight. It is outside my power to bring back Gabriel and Raphael.” NoooOOOOO. I REFUSE. BRING ME GABRIEL. BRING BACK ADAM. I CAN LIVE WITHOUT RAPHAEL BUT IT’D BE NICE TO HAVE THE OPTION.
  • “I appreciate your attempts at bromantic rekindling, but I think we both know that ship has sailed.”
  • “CASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Me when Lucifer let my boy speak.
  • “I’ll turn you into a moose. An actual moose.” Rowena is a queen.
  • “It’s been torment. It’s destroying me. It’s tearing through my vessel.” Castiel was describing the agony he feels with Lucifer sharing his vessel and I’m just QUICK SOMEONE CHECK IF MISHA RE-SIGNED HIS CONTRACT I’M PANICKING?!
  • Poor Donatello. Poor soulless Donatello.
  • “I’ve been quietly rooting against you both for a while now. But I must admit you’re a guilty pleasure.” Chuck knows what the fans like. I mean he does write the damn books.
  • Chuck’s pep talk? His call to arms? His troop rallying speech? It was just terrible. No wonder he had Metatron edit stuff, his words are not good.
  • “GET YOUR GRUBBY PAWS OFF THAT PICTURE.” Me when Amara dared touch the portrait of Dean and Mary. Black clad harlot you know NOTHING.
  • Those witch corpses though… holy cats that was not pretty. Not pretty – but also super freaking awesome.
  • OK but that battle was super tight y’all. Witches, angels, demons. So chill. I loved all of it.
  • DUDE. When Lucifer leapt out of Cas and you saw a little of Mark Pellegrino? Dude that was so slick! Seriously the effects were on point tonight.