Supernatural Review 11×21: Thus Spake the Lord

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This week on Supernatural the show took a drastic turn from form as it finally decided to advance the plot. Yay!

“All in the Family” picks up immediately where “Don’t Call Me Shurley” left off: Sam and Dean standing in front of Chuck and completely not believing what they are seeing. Chuck then convinces the boys that he’s the real deal: and he does so by bringing back Kevin for a brief moment.



Yeah I lost my dang chickens when Kevin peeked out behind Chuck.

It was so cute and upsetting at the same time and I was trying so hard to keep it together but I didn’t. So I completely missed almost everything that was said in the following two minutes so thank goodness for my season pass on Amazon Prime.

Kevin tells the boys to trust Chuck:

I always trusted you.

Yeah that ended well.

Chuck then releases Kevin from the veil and sends him to heaven to, presumably, hang out and talk smack about stupid Winchesters with Charlie, while the boys sit down and try to hash out their feelings about Chuck’s appearance. Sam is nothing but flustered and fanboying. Dean… not so much.

The elder Winchester can not reconcile Chuck’s inaction over the centuries. How people pray and worship but Chuck just let disaster strike over and over again. And that even when Chuck was on Earth he was writing books and going to cons. Chuck tries to explain that while he was involved for a long time he simply couldn’t do it anymore.

Being over-involved is no longer parenting. It’s enabling.

But it didn’t get better.

Well I’ve been mulling it over, and from where I sit I think it has.

Well from where I sit it feels like you left us and you’re trying to justify it.

I know you had a complicated upbringing Dean, but don’t confuse me with your dad.

Yikes. Between Kevin’s surprise appearance and then Dean’s tear-filled soul-bearing this was a heavy start to an episode. Dean’s always struggled with faith. And while Sam is the one who goes to confession once in a blue moon, or prays, or believes reverently, Dean’s faith is different. I think that when God was out of the picture, Dean could hold on to the fact that he was just this omnipotent being who had a cosmic reason for being missing. He could mask his disappointment in anger and stubbornness. But the second Chuck revealed himself, Dean had to face the fact that he was wrong  - that his faith was not built on the sturdiest of foundations or on scripture but on his own personal expectations. And, while Chuck calling Dean out was harsh, the similarities to how Dean feels about John Winchester can not be ignored. Dean needs effort from others. He needs actions in order to believe in a person. The inaction, or wrong actions, that Chuck took don’t sit well with him at all.

Season 11 – bringing the daddy issues to a whole new level.

So Chuck explains that he may be the Almighty but his sister is just as powerful a being – he can’t find her either. So he’s revealed himself to Sam and Dean in order to ask for their help. The boys reluctantly remind Chuck that his sister has Lucifer and try to get him to explain just how they can use his fallen son against her.

The way we heard it, last time when you bottled up the Darkness it took more than just you. We heard that maybe Lucifer was involved?



Lucifer was perhaps my greatest hope, and my bitterest disappointment. Do you think if I could have trusted him for a moment I would have put him in the Cage? And I wasn’t gonna mention this but thank you so much for springing him.

That wasn’t really the plan. Um-

Now as bad as he was, after all this time in prison, he’s probably worse. And by now he could have formed an alliance with Amara. Not walking into that trap, guys! So no. Thus spake the Lord.

YIKES. You know it really is interesting the way that they are show God’s power and wrath. His anger in this scene was palpable.

So with Chuck seemingly on Team Make the Winchesters Do It, Amara is still struggling to get him to confront her. She beats the crap out of Lucifer and sends his image to Dean to prove to him that she means business. Then she sends another death fog out and kills thousands of people. Sam and Dean go out to investigate and meet the one survivor – a professor named Donatello who also happens to be a brand new prophet who is receiving visions of Amara. (And of course before I could tweet about how I thought Crowley took out all the future prophets, Supernatural immediately had Sam and Dean fill in that little plot hole. Bless.) The boys bring Donatello back to the bunker, after what is the most hilarious exposition dump ever to occur in the Impala, and have him meet Chuck.

Metatron gives the boys a call and asks to meet them. He caught them talking to Chuck on the television and wants to warn them about God’s kamikaze plan. Because, of course, that’s what the ending of his new autobiography is given Metatron’s initial reaction to it. The boys are skeptical so Metatron lends them the manuscript and sends them on their way. (P.S. Metatron also ordered the boys two top-shelf margaritas. Which is what my mother does whenever we go to any Mexican restaurant. And I was living.)


Dean goes to talk with Chuck about his whole kamikaze plan. Chuck explains that it’s less giving up and more strategy. He doesn’t plan on dying but being caged – a quid pro quo. Dean is pretty convinced that Amara is going to flat out eliminate Chuck, before wiping out all of humanity.

You started this. You started all of this. But does that give you the right to end it? You know we’re not just some toys you throw away. I think you owe us more than that.

If my plan doesn’t work then humans will step up. You, Sam, others that are the Chosen, will have to find a way. It’s why I saved you years ago. You’re the firewall between light and darkness.

No. Give me a vampire and I’m good, but God’s sister? That is way above my paygrade. Bottom line is: it’s you who has to take her out. And then after that get a condo in Cancun I don’t care!

There’s a LOT in this little exchange. One is that at the end, when Dean is so insistent that he can’t take out Amara, Chuck looks to be this interesting meld of resigned and disappointed. Like he expected Dean’s rejection of yet another destiny, but still was bummed by it. There’s also the matter of the “chosen” as God points out. Gave me a very Buffy-potentials vibe. I don’t think he meant it in the general sense – humans or hunters who work to fight against malevolence. But that he meant it in the same way that the prophets were all chosen forever ago; there is a list of specific individuals who will be extremely important for all of the title fights. Sam and Dean are just two. I’m really hoping we’ll get to meet more.

Then there was the Chuck’s choice of the word “firewall.” That’s probably a metaphor. But I like that idea that it’s literal. That on one side there’s God – Light. The other side is Amara – Darkness. In between them stand Sam and Dean. Sam facing Chuck, Dean Amara, and they stand back to back. A solid wall that separates the two forces from colliding. The way that they face reflects their tendencies. Sam for all that he’s done wrong is a big ol bundle of faith. He does what he does because it is good, and right. And he has always trusted in his faith. Sam has a little of the Light within him. Dean tries to do what’s good, but he often gets wrapped up in his own selfish feelings. He wants to save his friends and family over others and if he feels abandoned or betrayed he wants to lash out. He might not agree with Amara, he will fight against her, but there will always be a part of him that understands her. He has a little of the Darkness within him.

I’m over-thinking this.


Metatron meets the Team (sans Chuck) in the bunker to come up with a game plan. After unsuccessfully trying to steal Sam’s beer (“Ahhh hey that’s mine!”) Metatron explains that he desperately just wants to help save God. So the plan is to rescue Lucifer. They use Donatello to find Amara. Metatron uses a spell to free Lucifer. Dean meets up with Amara to distract her. Lucifer teleports them to safety. The Team convinces Chuck to work with Lucifer to take her down. Solid plan boys. So of course it all goes to shit pretty quickly.

It takes Metatron a while to get the right spell. Lucifer’s power is tapped and he can’t zap them away. Amara realizes Dean is stalling and goes back to stop the plan. Metatron gives himself up to try and delay her but she kills him and follows them anyway. But before she can wreck the Impala and those within, Chuck decides to intervene. He zaps the Impala into the bunker and saves everyone.

And Lucifer and God have their first face to face in a long while.

This episode started so strongly and then seemed to never find an even pace. Even though the plot advanced  - they got Lucifer, they have a prophet who can help them find Amara – it didn’t mean quite as much as the wheel-spinning episodes all felt. Maybe it’s because the emotional fallout between Lucifer and Chuck is being saved until next week? I know at least some of it are the frankly uncomfortable scenes between Dean and Amara. I get what they’re doing, I do. It’s meant to be different than sexual attraction or romance. But, you know, Jensen and Emily have ever experienced an insane connection between an ageless evil and a regular guy, neither have we. So the closest way they know how to play it, and we know how to interpret it, is through the veil of romance. And it’s weirddddd. “Become boundless within me” no thanks. She touched his face and it made me squirm (although her manicure was on point.) “You betrayed me” nah homie I don’t think he did. I’m pretty sure he’s tried to stop you like a bunch. I mean they weren’t the most valiant of tries but he totally has never been Team Destroy the Universe. Maybe I’m being harsh? Let me know.

Overall though, with only two episodes left, I can’t be mad about the uneven feel of the hour. This season has been super strong and I think we might get a stronger finale than we have the past couple years. I still have my fingers crossed that God will pull Lucifer from Cas’ vessel and pop him back into Mark Pellegrino. And then Cas will be free to date Dean be himself again. Two episodes… I kind of can’t believe we’re almost at the finish line. Thank Chuck we have season 12 to look forward to.


Quotes and Notes and Other Things:

  • Kevin: “It’s cool. Trust Chuck.” OK KEVIN I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU SAY. Also I really hope someone told his mom that his soul has moved on and she’s not just waiting for her ghost child to show up for the next couple years.
  • “I don’t want to piss you off and turn into a pillar of salt.” “Actually I didn’t do that.”
  • “I always had faith in you. Even if you didn’t return the favor.” God was reading Dean for FILTH.
  • Stuff we know about God from show canon: He’s bi. He sleeps in. Enjoys bacon and Voodoo Doughnuts. Watches porn.
  • “Where’s Chuck?” “Sleeping in I guess.” “Does God sleep?” “I know he takes really long showers.” “Right? And sings too. Like crappy old folk songs. I had to tell him to cool it three times.” “You told God to cool it?” “Yeah. I sleep.” – Everything about this was genius.
  • “There’s so many things I want to ask him. Like the planets why are they round? Or ears I always thought they were strange.” ACTUAL FANBOY SAM WINCHESTER
  • “Professor Renfield.” “It’s Donatello. I’m named after him.” “The mutant ninja turtle?” “…The Renaissance sculptor.”
  • *Donatello tries to escape the Impala* “It’s locked.” “Sometimes we keep monsters in the back.”
  • “It’s like asking me to believe in Santa Claus.” “Well actually-” “Dean not the time.”
  • “I’ve never seen so much porn… not in one sitting.” CHUCK. WHAT.
  • “Your skepticism is to be expected. I did include free will in the kit.”
  •  ”Dean! Thanks for inviting me.” “Inviting you? You’ve been circling the building all night. You sent me 200 text messages with dumbass emojis.” Metatron just wants to be useful to someone again and it had me feeling a certain way. Like I expected to be bummed when Metatron was killed off since Curtis Armstrong chews the scenery so well. But I didn’t expect to feel badly for the scribe when it happened. This show really should stop toying with me it’s giving me a complex.
  • Donatello’s “WHAT. HAPPENED.” when the Impala landed in the bunker. I laughed for a solid thirty seconds.

I also would like to share with you this Tumblr fanart that I found last night because it’s adorable: