Supernatural Review 11×20: Call My Name and I’ll Be Gone

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It happened. I honestly can’t believe that this show has been on long enough for it to happen. Nearly six years after he disappeared from behind his computer, six years of fans holding a theory as fact, we finally have canon confirmation that Chuck is God.

I cried a lot tonight you guys. A lot. Forgive the following because my heart is full of feelings and I’m honestly not sure what to do with them all.

We only had two storylines to follow this episode:

A: Sam and Dean go investigate a strange death in a town caused by (dun dun DUN) Amara’s poison fog rolling through and making people go crazy.

B: Metatron is summoned by Chuck/God to help edit his autobiography.

Taken out of context this show is really weird…

Don't Call Me Shurley

Sam and Dean try to save the fog town but do a really bad job of it. I mean *really* bad. They usher a handful of people into the Sheriff’s station and start to duct tape the windows and doors to keep the poison out. The fog busts through a vent and Sam runs to close it back up but, you know, also forgets to hold his breath because he ends up infected pretty quick. Dean, refusing to leave his brother behind, locks the remaining survivors in a back room and begins to tape the gap under their door. But when Sam takes a turn for the worse Dean LEAPS to his side, neglecting to finish the tape job. And effectively killing all of those innocents. Including a tiny adorable toddler who Sam went out of his way to save. Well done Dean. Remember the premiere? Remember how you can’t work to save just one person anymore?

Sammy gets re-poisoned like the big doofus he is and suddenly Dean forgets how to function and runs into the poison fog. Which, of course, doesn’t affect him. Because Amara plans on taking out everyone except her reluctant boyfriend. So everything is looking pretty bleak for our boys. Until!

Well let’s go and look at the other half of this episode first. Because it was STELLAR. The scenes between Metatron and Chuck featured some of the best dialogue and best acting this show has ever boasted. I was floored so often, in particular by Rob Benedict. We’ve not had a lot of time to see him stretch his acting muscles on Supernatural, so all of the subtle character layers he got to peel back were awesome to watch. He played humor, and cute, and rage, and loathing, and regret, and awe, and hubris, and humility, and abject sorrow. AND he sang and played guitar! WHAT?! IS IT CHRISTMAS ALREADY?!

Curtis Armstrong, as well, pulled out all the stops. Between the tears he had in his eyes and the revelatory dialogue Robbie Thompson gave him, I can’t believe I’m saying this, I felt badly for our former hobo Jesus. I empathized with him. I agreed with him. I shed tears alongside him. For a character that has been so loathsome for 3 seasons that is a truly impressive feat.


The meat of their story was that God zapped a down-trodden Metatron to hang out with him in a bar. God’s writing his memoir and he needs a beta. Once he gets over the shock of it all (God apparently is very good at acting and hiding his true form) Metatron reads what God has written. And he’s not impressed. He thinks the whole affair disingenuous and tedious: ”Last time I saw that look on an editor’s face I had just handed in Bugs.” So God sits down and writes more candidly. But he’s still skirting the very current issue of Amara:

I took responsibility for her too. I locked her away – barely I might add. And who let her out?

Sam and Dean Winchester. But they’re trying to fix it!

You know I love those guys. But the world would still be spinning with demon Dean in it. But Sam couldn’t have that now could he? And so how is Amara being out on me?

But you’ve helped them before.

Helped them? I’ve saved them. I’ve rebuilt Castiel more times than I can remember; look where that got me.

So you’re just gonna let Amara win?

Eh. It’s her time to shine.

Aaaaaannd God is gonna just let Amara smite the world. Because he’s a giant baby hack English major who just realized he’s never gonna find a job after college so you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Metatron then drops his massive balls of steel on the bar and calls the Almighty a “coward.” And Chuck takes only a moment to get all wrathful on him before just going back to being the living embodiment of that shrug emoticon. Being on team Metatron tonight was super weird, but I was legitimately cheering him on.

So Chuck keeps on typing. And Metatron sulks. So God can’t help but try to pick back up the conversation. This is the guy who created the universe because he was lonely – he probably isn’t too good with awkward silences. So he asks Metatron about his time being a villain.

That was just a sad pathetic cry for attention.

Whose attention were you trying to get?

Yours. You are light and beauty. Creation. Wrath. Damnation and salvation. But I don’t care if I was just the angel nearest the door. You picked me. Your light shined on me. Me! And the warmth… but then you left me. You left all of us. It wasn’t just the saps on Earth who were praying to you. The angels prayed too. And so did I. Every. Day.

I know.

You wanna write the bestselling autobiography of all time? You explain to me – tell me why – you abandoned me. Us!

Because you disappointed me. You all disappointed me.

I know I’m a disappointment. But you’re wrong about humanity, They are your greatest creation because they are better than you are. Sure they’re weak and they cheat and steal and destroy and disappoint. But they also give and create and they sing and dance and love. And above all they never give up. But you do.

And Metatron and I wept simultaneously. Hoooooly Chuck. I really thought that was going to be my moment of the episode. That speech? Undid me. Metratron’s emotions were laid SO bare and he spoke SO highly of humanity I was just in awe of it all.

But then we came back from commercial. And suddenly Chuck asked Metatron to read the new pages of his memoir. And he did. And the loathsome angel had tears in his eyes again. And Chuck had tears in his eyes as he sang “Fare Thee Well.” So here I am. Sitting on my couch. Crying again because Supernatural managed to work Rob Benedict’s beautiful singing into an episode. When. Suddenly. And without warning…

It’s back to Sam and Dean trapped in hopeless poison fog land. And there is a light in Sam’s pocket. And Dean reaches in and grabs the amulet. And I made a sound that I’m pretty sure belongs to some sort of ghost Pokemon. The fog lifts. The dead have been raised. Everyone is saved.

And Sam and Dean follow the light of the amulet through the street. And they stop. In front of Chuck.

We should probably talk.



Don't Call Me Shurley

Robbie Thompson outdid himself on this one. It had the fan service of “Fan Fiction” plus the fun storytelling devices of “Meta Fiction” plus the important lore of “First Born” all mushed into 42 glorious minutes of Supernatural. I swear it’s like he saw all the praise and heart eyes the fandom had for Nancy Won and felt as though his “most favorite staff writer” title belt was being challenged and he just upped his dang game.

Sam and Dean’s faces as they saw all those they couldn’t save stand up again? Their expressions as they looked into the face of their prophet friend, and realized just who he was? I just…

And I mean Dean is HOLDING THE SAMULET AGAIN. He has it back. After throwing it away back in 2010. Please please tell me he’s going to wear it again.

I’ve watched the last 5 minutes of this episode about 6 or 7 times now. It’s so beautiful. The shots. The acting. The lighting. The meaning behind the song… I think Supernatural is a fairly solid show. It’s never going to be an Emmy winner. It’s not The Wire or Breaking Bad or even The Walking Dead, but it has its moments. It’s a good show. But every once in a while? Every once in a while there is a scene that happens that makes you forget what show you’re watching. You forget this is a silly 11 year old CW program about monsters and angels and demons with bunk special effects and too much exposition and an abundance of plot holes and recycled material. You forget all of it. Because there are moments that shine. The ending of this episode? It shone brighter than that dang necklace.

Quotes and Notes and Other things:

  • Metatron’s puppy was too damn cute.
  • “You didn’t like any of it? Not even Home or All Hell Breaks Loose?” “Too much melodrama.” The SHADE of it all.
  • Chuck has a “world’s greatest dad” mug. God thinks he funny.
  • “I started a new series of books, Revolution, I don’t think it’s going anywhere.” The SHAAAAADE.
  • “You’ll never guess where this thing has been.” I was really hoping Chuck was going to follow that up with “inside the hearts and minds of all the fans all along” or “with Adam. In the pit. I got him out too!”
  • “Does that mean I get to be an angel again?” “No that’s never happening.” “That’s probably a good call.” “I think so.” Their banter was so good. SO good. I DEMAND A SPINOFF.
  • “Had some girlfriends. Had a few boyfriends.” GOD IS BI. CONFIRMED.
  • “There are no revelations in this book. And that’s weird given who you are.”
  • “Why did you create life?” “I was lonely.” Well if that doesn’t give a person an existential crisis…
  • “First of all: this gift? Is super cute.” Chuck on his adorable meatsuit.
  • Sam grabbing that tiny toddler and calling her sweetheart and picking her up I nearly DIED it was to cute.
  • M. Gabriela Sosa

    God (no pun intended), this was an amazing episode. It did shine, but mostly, Rob Benedict shone, oh, how bright he shone, he absolutely owned this episode.

    • Leah617


  • TiMia

    Omg! You know when you seen something awesome on SPN, and all you can do is smile all day? Everyone’s wondering if you are in love or pregnant because your glowing. Oh no. Its because you met God. And He was awesome! Why do I always fall for guys that sing? So this episode floored me. Ummm, and WHY am I actually liking Metatron here? This article was great! It was almost perfect, except you didn’t pause to appreciate Sam and Dean’s hotness!

    • Leah617

      The hotness is implied. Always. :)