Supernatural Review 11×19: Orgy-ish Behavior

Managing Editor

In case the thought of cicadas coming back doesn’t already have you freaked, tonight’s Supernatural brought us parasitic-sex-crazed-zombie-cicada-monsters. Yayyyyy?

We’re back! And we’re in the home stretch! After a couple of mini-hellatuses in a row we’re down to the last 5 episodes of the season. And, sure, we got stuck with yet another filler, but it was damn solid. This is Nancy Won’s third episode this season and the third I have loved. A lot. She’s giving Robbie Thompson and Bob Berens a run for their money in the “totally gets Sam and Dean” department.

Oh and before we begin I should apologize for being super late with the recap the other week. Much to my shock, real life takes priority over this show; I know it’s WEIRD! So go on and read that first if you missed it.

The Chitters

The monster of the week this time around was called a Bissan – a creature that inhabits the body of a human in order to reproduce. The cicada like creatures appear around the spring equinox every  27 years and are back again to create more glow-y babies inside of female human hosts. Sam and Dean search the small Colorado town on their own  for clues without much luck. All they can get it lore and strange eye-witness accounts. One town gossip calls the phenomenon “the chitters” after the strange noise the hosts make and assume its some sort of all consuming spring lust fest. As you do.

When he unsuccessfully is fighting off one of the chitter monsters, Dean is saved by a pair of hunters named Jessy and Cesar. In a flashback at the top of the episode we actually met Jessy 27 years prior. His brother was one of the people turned by the Bissan and the experience is one of the things that turned him to hunting. Jessy, along with his husband and hunting partner Cesar, are back in town specifically to hunt these monsters – and to get Jessy his vengeance.

The group decides to team up: Dean and Cesar find the burrow where the impregnated female bodies are being safeguarded and they manage to take out all the watchers. Jessy and Sam go and visit the old sheriff and learn why he never did more to find the missing. His daughter was one of the infected 27 years ago – when he tracked her down and saw all of the dead bodies he killed her. The sheriff believed that the monsters were all dead and just went on to pretend as though he had seen nothing – and in doing so never corroborated Jessy’s story. Sam and Jessy then go and meet with with Dean and Cesar in time to help torch the burrow and any remaining monster eggs.

The Chitters

But not before poor Jessy finds the skeleton of his brother Matt. Woof. You guys. This was rough. Usually I like to talk about how Dean gets all choked up and worried about Cas, or how Sam worries over Dean, but nope. This time it was the guest star who knocked me on my butt. Jessy’s older brother was the only one who he was honest with when he was a kid – specifically about being gay – and Matt was going to be Jessy’s ticket out of their podunk town. But then Matt was taken. And Jessy spent 27 years with no closure, convinced that he could have done something else to save his brother.

*attempts to keep stiff upper lip* *fails*

So Cesar and Jessy burn Matt’s body on a pyre while Dean and Sam look on. And Dean – in a move I didn’t expect from him – wants to ask the couple to help them on the Amara hunt. To get a fresh pair of eyes on the case. But before he can ask, Cesar spills that closing this case means the two of them can retire. They can go and raise horses together on their land in New Mexico. Unless of course Sam and Dean need a hand? But Dean… well he’d never drag them away from their happy ending and they all say goodbye. My baby has such a good heart you guys; it burns.

And I too am glad Jessy and Cesar get their happy ending. Even though I’d love to see more of them, friends of Sam and Dean don’t have a good record for staying alive, and frankly this show doesn’t need to make any more contributions to the “bury your gays” trend of 2016. But yeah – I loved them. 10 points to Nancy Won for creating a gay couple that seemed completely real and whose storyline didn’t revolve around their sexuality. More episodes for Nancy, please.

The Chitters

So Sam and Dean are once again heading back to the bunker to hope for a lead on Cas or Amara. And judging by the preview for next week they’re gonna find one. What with Amara sending out the rage virus cloud again. Oh and next week’s episode is called “Don’t Call Me Shirley.” Like Chuck Shirley. Like don’t call him Shirley or Chuck cause actually he’s God and HARD CONFIRMATION OF A 6 YEAR OLD THEORY IS ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY I’M FREAKING OUT.

Quotes and Notes and Other Things:

  • “Dude have you even moved since last night?” “Sleeping is the new smoking.” “What? No it’s not, man. It’s sitting. Sitting is the new smoking.” “…That can’t be right.”
  • “We’ll catch a break on Cas. We have to, it’s karma!” Actually Sam I’m pretty sure all this bad luck is leftover karma for Charlie.
  • “DEE! You’re ALIVE!” Me, every time Kandyse McClure appeared as the town sheriff. And if you don’t know why I’m saying that you need to go and watch all 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica and come talk to me once you’ve properly educated yourself.
  • “Glowing eyes, buzzing… weed alone doesn’t conjure up that scenario. Isn’t that right Sam?” “Dude I was 18.” “Sinner.” “It was college! It was probably oregano anyways.” “Rebel!” Dean is so cheeky teasing his 33 year old older brother about weed of all things. I loved this.
  • Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy how uncomfortable Sam gets when women flirt with him. He’s such a puppy.
  • “Confirmed orgy-ish behavior.” The title of my second autobiography.
  • “More hunter friends! And one of them is Jessy! AND THEY’RE BOYFRANS!” Me when Jessy and Cesar showed up.
  • “You guys fight like brothers, almost as bad as us.” “It’s more like an old married couple.” Dean has no basis for how brothers actually fight because him and Sam are so abnormal.
  • “What’s it like settling down with a hunter?” ARE YOU LOOKING FOR TIPS, DEAN?!
  • “Ewwwww bioluminescent worm babies noooo.” Me. Being grossed out by the “eggs”. Aliens is my favorite movie of all time and even I was not having this.
  • “We’re gonna raise horses. And if that goes bust, Jessy used to be an EMT.” “Oh so now I’m supporting your ass?” GAH. THEY WERE SO CUTE. BEST COUPLE. DEAN: TAKE NOTES.