Supernatural Review 11×17: Mario and Luigi

Managing Editor

On tonight’s Supernatural we were killing time again! No forward momentum on Lucifer or The Darkness which is a bit of a let down. But if they show has to spin wheels, at least we were gifted another well done and emotionally charged episode. Killing time by killing Winchesters – it’s the Supernatural way.

We open with a classic Supernatural beat down scene. Sam and Dean vs two werewolves. One of whom decides to SHOOT MY POOR SAM IN THE GUT. And of course then we flashback 48 hours because Supernatural wants us to live in abject fear for the next 58 minutes of our lives. About half the episode is told in a Tarantino-lite fashion; we flash back and forth between the beginning of the case and to the end of the fight. But for the sake of my brain and yours, I’m going to recap the plot chronologically.

Sam and Dean have no leads on anything that really matters so, once again, Sam suggests a case to force Dean to get out of his funk. I want to point out the shot in this scene quickly. Dean’s distance from Sam really elevates just how emotionally removed he is at this moment.


So Sam finds a case: a couple of missing hikers and missing hearts are on the news wire so they go werewolf hunting. They chase a few leads and manage to save the hikers, married couple Corbin and Michelle, but not before, spoiler alert, Sam gets shot. They can’t wait for help as Corbin tells them there are more werewolves than the ones they killed. Dean and Corbin are practically dragging they’re two partners along, but it’s obvious both are in bad shape. They are able to grab a bit of rest at another cabin, but it’s clear they aren’t making progress. Corbin begs Dean to leave Sam behind for now, and Sam agrees, but Dean is stubborn and won’t leave. So while he goes outside to “build a litter” (oh Dean… really?) Corbin decides to make the decision easily and SUFFOCATES SAM?!

Say what you will about the how often Winchesters appear dead, this episode was hard to watch it was that brutal.

So with Sam appearing to be a corpse, Dean is convinced to get Corbin and Michelle to safety. They find help (in the form of a sheriff who tases Dean) and get to a hospital. Oh and also Corbin got bit so he’s a werewolf now too. Although I was a little confused because I didn’t realize that getting bit changed your personality and turned you into a psychopath immediately. Corbin’s serial killer turn was weird to me and I didn’t like it. Michelle though was a beacon of light. She reminded me a lot of Beth from The Walking Dead. Tiny, blonde, all beaten up for no reason, but strong and empathic in helping others. Guest actress Emily Way *killed* it and I kind of hope we one day get to check in on her again.

So Dean in his wisdom decides to OD on barbiturates so that he can get a hold of a reaper and make a deal to get Sam back. And as he slowly dies, Sam wakes up. Alone. Turns out he was only mostly dead. But Dean is unconscious and seizing and foaming at the mouth and it’s the suicide fanfiction I never wanted. While Michelle and the doctor work to save Dean, Billie shows up. And she tries her darnedest to reap Dean but he is focused on saving his brother. Of course, as she’s warned previously this season, she in no way is ever going to let them come back to life when they bite it. Dean tries to play the “Sam’s the only one who can stop the Darkness” card and Billie just looks at him and goes “How.” And we’re back at the top of the episode. Because Dean has been wracking his brain and stretching himself thin with research and he has no idea how to stop Amara or Lucifer. Dean’s faith in Sam is literally all he has and he’s clinging desperately to it. So desperately that he killed himself on the off chance he could get him back. And then of course Billie tells Dean that Sam isn’t even dead so this has all been an exercise in futility.


The doctor revives Dean, Dean escapes the hospital, and gets a call from Not Dead Sam. Not Dead Sam who has been bleeding out in a basement and killing two werewolves all while trying to hold his guts in, just so that he can warn his brother that Corbin was bit. Sam is a badass 2016. And Corbin, since he was by a Charles Manson werewolf, is just killing everyone in his path. He takes out the sheriff and the doctor but before he can kill Dean, Sam appears and guns him down. In front of his wife. Yikes.

So yeah. This was an intense episode. Very violent and emotional. Excellent guest stars. Every time we bait and switched with one of the brothers being dead or alive I could feel the whiplash in my neck. So I’m glad this episode exists, because it was a good one, but my patience for fillers this season is running thin. The preview for next week looks like it’s going to be the forward momentum I need though so Supernatural just caught itself a break from my wrath.

Quotes and Notes and Other Things:

  • Dean: “We’ve run out of things to interrogate unless you want to start talking to the trees.”
  • Dean while digging a bullet out of his brother: “We’re gonna keep that. Like a memento. We’ll laugh about this someday.” Panicked Dean is adorable.
  • Sam while bleeding out: “I told you that roadhouse chili was a bad idea.” Oh Sammy. You don’t have to be brave for me.
  • So this episode got me thinking – Sam is the Dick Grayson of the Supernatural universe. He may not be the eldest but he was the first to break away from dad. He doesn’t joke in the face of fear and danger the way Dean does, but his humor does come out when he needs to lift the spirits of others. He has great hair. Sam=Dick. With a little bit of Tim Drake mixed in. I’ve been on a Robin kick lately no one judge me.
  • Sam: “We always talk about taking a break, going camping. This could be like camping! It could be fun!” Dean: “Yeah which part?  Freezing our buts off in the middle of nowhere on a thin lead?” Sam: “Yeah that part!” Remember how I said Sam was Dick Grayson? This was a very Dick conversation and I loved it.
  • Dean to a branch in his way “Get off me!” I have been that person.
  • Dean’s initial reaction after Sam dies to an incoming threat is “Let em come.” Classic Dean trying to go all Custer on his last stand. But he does quickly realize he can’t abandon the people he and Sam saved. I’d like to this is is actual character development and less of a plot device for this episode so I’m going to go one thinking that.
  • Dean: “I need to talk to… well not a friend. More like an evil scary death machine.” This show in a nutshell.
  • Billie describing ways she thought Dean would die: “Choking on a burger while binge-watching Charles in Charge.”
  • Dean: “You got him I need him let’s make a deal.” Billie: “PASS.” I mean I was a little mad at Billie for being mean to my boys but MAN she has the best attitude.
  • Billie: “Say bye bye to Luigi, Mario.” Homegirl is CHILLY when she wants to be. And I like the idea that reapers play Mario in their downtime.
  • The SCREAM out of Michelle when Corbin was shot… We don’t often get reactions to Winchester kills, but when we do? It’s brutal and eerie.
  • Michelle: “They said I could leave an hour ago. But where am I even supposed to go? After everything we survived together… I watched the man I love die. There’s no normal after that.” First of all – this acting. Holy crap she really was incredible in this episode. And of course the quote itself – Sam and Dean love each other whole heartedly and when one them dies the other has no tether to reality anymore. How can they move forward? Dean clearly didn’t move forward after he thought Sam died. He actually killed himself. He did the opposite of moving forward. And yet he has to sit next to Michelle and tell her to move forward knowing that he never can listen to his own advice. The angst of it all.
  • Sam: “So what did you do when you thought I was dead? What did you do?” Dean: “Thought about redecorating the room. Putting in a Jacuzzi, nice disco ball, really class up the joint.” I love this exchange. Because OF COURSE Sam knows his idiot brother did something dumb (like piss off a reaper). And OF COURSE Dean lies about it and makes jokes because he can’t quite own up to the fact that he left his brother. He left Sam behind because he thought he was dead. And even though he went to a reaper after the fact, he still abandoned Sam in some way. Also I can’t help but point our that Dick Grayson would want to have an honest conversation with his brother, while Jason Todd, I mean Dean, would scoot around that and make jokes before admitting his error or weakness. Everything is Robin in my brain right now I’m so sorry.
  • Another Robin note: Jensen Ackles actually voiced Jason Todd in my favorite Batman movie Under the Red Hood. It’s currently on HBO Go and I highly recommend it.
  • And because I want you to feel my pain – get a look at Dean’s face after he realizes he has to leave his dead brother behind.


  • You’re welcome.