Supernatural 8×16 – Fighting the Old Gods, Praying to the New

Managing Editor

Let’s just get it out of the way now, shall we? This episode wasn’t the best. Definitely better than last week, but not, you know, up to season 8 caliber.  I’ll let it slide though because we did get one of the most heartbreaking end scenes I’ve seen in a long while.

Getting the hunt out of the way first:

BASICALLY Promethues (gave fire to man, bound to a rock, vultures eat his liver for eternity Prometheus) and the Winchesters cross paths. The boys come across him as just an oddity/potential zombie before they realize that he is the titan of Greek myth, sporting a hazy memory.  He find out that 7 years prior he climbed his way down a mountain, ushering a lost woman (Hayley) down as well, and the two ended up having a one night stand and a teeny tiny demigod was born! Hayley brings her son to meet Prometheus because once the boy turned 7, he inherited his daddy’s penchant for dying every single day. The Winchesters, Prometheus, and Hayley proceed to find a way to take on Zeus and get the curse lifted.  Also at one point Artemis fell in love with Prometheus so she has a vested interest in this whole thing. They summon the god of thunder and trap him to force him to lift the child’s curse. But Hayley is an impatient (and poorly guest acted) trope and lets Zeus free. The Winchesters con Artemis into helping them once Sam realizes her feelings for Prometheus. Artemis shoots her father, as well as Prometheus, and the two die on the floor. Sad day.

A couple of things:

1. I am a massive connoisseur of Greek mythology and adaptations of it. Stemming from the fact that I was A) a nerd from babydom and B) Greek, I pretty much thought that my cultural heritage entitled me to these super cool myths. That said I can get picky when it comes to how the gods and goddesses are portrayed. I cared very little for Artemis last night. I thought she looked like a badass, but her starry eyed love for Prometheus, and her penchant for wearing uncomfortable shoes, didn’t suit the huntress goddess in my mind. Zeus I thought was slightly better done, although I would have preferred him a bit more intimidating. Also you don’t just shoot a god and he dies. Nor a titan. You just don’t. The world would blow up.

2. The daddy issues parallels were rampant in this episode. I thought we’d pretty much settled that what with Grandaddy Winchester and the Men of Letters, but I’ll take the angst where I can get it. I guess.

3. There were a handful of instances where Sam showed almost seer like knowledge of what was going on around him (for example when he called out Artie for having a crush on her titan cousin.) It seems to me that the Glowy God Light of Destiny (trademarked!) that went into Sam’s arm not only gave him a slight case of TB, but also a severe sense of intuition. I’m assuming that this is a gift that will help Sam in the upcoming trials.

4. I want Dean to always wear this bathrobe. Always.


5. The zombie conversation from the beginning of the episode (with the Trooper) slayed me. I watched it like five times over.

6. “It’s a secret society. This is actually their lair. We’re legacies.” Dean is SO PROUD of his new found heritage

7. I got a Damian vibe from the kid at the very end. I hate creepy kids like Sam hates clowns. No thanks.

8. That. ENDING. I was feeling pretty underwhelmed by this episode. And then the Impala scene began. Seeing a titan die, and feeling his body begin to betray him, Sam starts talking as if he won’t make it. For once it’s up to Dean to support his brother and talk him off a ledge, and he seemed up to the task. Dean sounded sure and self-confident and he even made jokes, while Sam sat next to him looking already defeated.

But Dean knows how to put on a brave face. Because the second he got back to his room and his memory-foam bed, he prayed for help. Literally prayed, to Castiel, to help his brother because he could feel that something was not right. The second he started talking I was a disaster.

Cas you got your ears on? Listen, you know I am not one for praying, cause in my book it’s the same as begging. But this is about Sam so I need you to hear me. We are going into this deal blind, and I don’t know what’s ahead or what it’s going to bring for Sam. Now he’s covering pretty good but I know he’s hurting and this one was supposed to be on me. So for all that we’ve been through, I’m asking you: you keep a look out for my little brother, OK? [Dean looks behind him, expectant,  but the room remains empty] Where the hell are you, man?

Dean’s prayer was for purely for his brother, and a little side serving of worry for his missing friend. Even the damn camera angles were designed to emphasize just how alone and despondent Dean was here:


Typically, when Sam shuts down and hides from his brother, Dean calls him out on it, not worrying at all for Sam’s feelings. But last episode he promised that he would trust his brother, and so he only voiced his concern in private. Dean said he would let him Sam try and that he believed in him to succeed, and he is going to stick to his word.

Let’s just hope Sam gets some antibiotics in his system before it’s too late.

A hiatus looms before us, friends, and boy is it poorly timed, as next episode’s preview boasted Cas, Crowley, and Meg. Dang. 3 weeks is going to feel like forever. In lieu of an episode review next Thursday I’ll have a book one instead. The nice people at Titan Books sent me a copy of the latest tie-in novel, Fresh Meat, which I just finished.  I’m sure you’d like to know if it’s worth picking up while we wallow in hiatusland, so I’ll get you all the deets then.