Supergirl TV Show Heading to CBS


Remember when we told you that Warner Bros. was developing with Arrow’s Greg Berlanti? Well CBS has reportedly given  a series commitment for a new Kryptonian hero to hit television. Another superhero show on a major network? Sounds good to us.

This adds to the already astounding lineup of TV plans Warner Bros. and DC have lined up for the near future. Arrow, Flash, Constantine, and Gotham will already be on air this season, they have Titans and Lucifer in development, and who knows what will come next.

All of that being said, a Supergirl series would be the first female-led series in the DC portfolio, something fans should be exceptionally excited (and apprehensive) about. The show will be about Kara Zor-El, who escaped Krypton and landed on Earth, who has hid her powers for years but finally decides to step into a role as a hero. The question is, how will Superman be involved? Will he simply be a whisper, a newspaper headline that inspires Kara to put on the spandex and go to work? Or will the comic book storyline of her coming to Earth to find him be a primary plot line? Now that CBS is in the loop, hopefully we’ll find out sooner rather than later.