Supergirl TV Show in Development


It looks like Oliver Queen and Barry Allen may get a new DC superhero friend on television: Supergirl. The show is being developed at Warner Bros. by Arrow and Flash veteran Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler, who’s worked on Glee and The New Normal, and DC’s Geoff Johns is reportedly expected to play some role in development.

That team brings up some interesting questions about the potential tone of a Supergirl show. While the two DC shows so far are of a darker variety, maybe a Supergirl show would have more of a comedy twist. Not to mention that it would mean a female super-lead in a TV show, which we can all be happy about (and hope it would be done right).

For those who don’t know, the most popular instance of the Supergirl character is a cousin of Superman,  while technically older than him spent years suspended in a kryptonite encased pod that was sent to look for baby Superman after the destruction of Krypton, and so arrives on Earth well after him without having aged. She has similar powers, the same kryptonite weakness, and a similar outfit. While we don’t know which instance of Supergirl the WB team will go after, but that’s the most likely one. But will Superman be a part of it, despite his Smallville TV history? Only time will tell.

The show has yet to be picked up by any network, though with the hype around superhero shows, hopes are high. Would you watch a Supergirl TV show?