StarKid’s Twisted is Released on YouTube


There’s always a whole bunch of excitement whenever StarKid releases a new musical on YouTube.

StarKid cast dances to "Hermione Can't Draw" in A Very Potter Sequel

Starting with the Potter Musicals a few years ago, StarKid has released several musicals on YouTube previously. Their latest, Twisted, hit YouTube just moments ago.

For the first time ever, StarKid released a show in two forms: both in the usual chapter set-up and in a straight through video with no interruptions. As many fans end up making a straight through version on their own, this will be good for their channel views.

Also beginning tonight are pre-sale’s for the Twisted DVD, which will be officially released on December 6. And if that’s not enough, StarKid also announced on their Tumblr the special features that will come with the DVD.

“The Twisted DVD comes with the exclusive Behind The Scenes featurette, Everybody Smells. This is not a joke. It contains backstage footage of the last day of live Twisted performances, as captured by the show’s director, Brian Holden.”

If that’s not a good enough reason to order the DVD, I’m not sure what is. Still want more? Well there’s also the official soundtrack and merch. Maybe some holiday present material?

In the meantime, get watching, because we want to know what you all think of Twisted. Let us know below!


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  • Flitzy

    How can one show make me laugh hysterically and cry my self into a ball on the floor at the same time like I can’t even.

    Also, I so despirately want a musical with Gaston after seeing Robert because how perfect was he? That whole number – all the villains. SO PERFECT.

  • Arielle

    I watched through the show yesterday in the airport while traveling and I’m pretty sure I was attracting attention around me cos I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at so many things! For some reason I had it in my head Joe Walker was Aladdin so I was a little disappointed when I first noticed it wasn’t him, but wow was Jeff Blim great! Now I want a musical crafted in some way that Jeff and Joe go head to head as opposing villains (cos let’s face it both are best when playing villains) because I think it’d be hilarious! I also love how much their grown Jim Povolo’s comic relief moments since the ever quotable (an improv’d) “GOYLE RULES”. Everything that came out of his mouth was pretty much gold!