Starkid Announces A Twisted Casting Spoiler At LeakyCon


If you don’t want a casting spoiler for Starkid’s newest play, Twisted, turn around now. You’ve been warned.

At the Starkid panel at Leakycon, a brave fan asked if the cast would be willing to volunteer any teasers about the new show, despite the fact that at the showings in Chicago fans were explicitly asked not to spoil anything.

While most of the cast looked at each other unsure, Brian Holden decided he could give one key piece of information to the world: who is playing Jafar.

So what did he say, you ask? First, he dramatically paused while Jamie Lynn Beatty stood up. Then, after we all stopped laughing, he told the crowd that Jafar is played by…

Dylan Saunders!

If you saw the show, how great was he? If not, what do you think of the casting?

  • Lauren Bachle

    Dylan was fantastic! I was impressed with his immersion in the role. Beyond my (sadly, poor) seat for AVPSY, this was the first Starkid show I saw live. Everyone was good, but Dylan took Jafar and made him into someone I cared for. It was fantastic.

  • Trillian Black

    You could truely see how shocked Dylan was when Brian announced this. As a european Starkid fan I didn’t have the chance to see Twisted live but I am really looking forward to the cast recording :)