New Sorkin Drama to be Called “Newsroom”?


Well, it’s better than More as this Story Develops.

Various sources are reporting that the new Aaron Sorkin show about a left-leaning cable news show (like Keith Olbermann’s) will be called Newsroom. Which is fine, and pithy, and functional, if a bit blah. But then again, naming a show after a building didn’t hurt The West Wing. Now get Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford in there, stat!

Actually, the cast does seem to be shaking out for Newsroom. Jeff Daniels and Sam Waterston can carry a show by any measure, while the new pretty faces on the rest of IMDB’s lineup will prove their worth in Sorkin-words-per-minute when the show airs. Meanwhile we have a little snip of dialogue from the show:

Will: Charlie, I can’t go after Halliburton and miss.
Charlie: Oh report the goddam news, Will.
Will: You remember a guy named Dan Rather?
Charlie: Dan got it right.
Will: He’s no longer on television.

Not exactly the stuff we’d be parading around as an example of brilliance, but it’s likely the rest of the script is too thorny and interdependent to withstand a small taster like this. There is something so purely Sorkinesque about it, though: the clean slice through the spin of real-world events. Whether or not you agree with Rather’s claim that the Bush military documents were, in the end, real, it’s fairly obvious (if never acknowledged) that his retirement from 60 Minutes was related to the scandal. Countless articles, Wiki pages, apoplectic Daily Kos readers: Sorkin boils it to two lines.

Who else can’t wait for this?

  • Kate F

    Im quite excited about it, The West Wing was genius and it was a damn shame when he stopped writing it!

  • Rosianna

    Oh no, curse my tired skim reading! The first thing I saw was “Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford” so I immediately assumed they’d been cast and confirmed. Damn! But yeah MATSD was never going to work and Newsroom is very in keeping with “The West Wing” “Sports Night” “Studio 60″ etc. To the point and only one of those three isn’t about a building.

  • Susie

    There are no words for how excited I am. I need Sorkin’s words in my life!

  • Jennifer

    God, I can’t wait. I need Sorkin back in my life.

  • AlliCat236

    Definitely looking forward to a weekly dose of Sorkin!

  • Rosemary Ann Stanley Stone

    Though I love Aaron Sorkin…the only way I would add $15.00 more to my satellite bill would be if Bradley Whitford was part of the cast. Can’t believe he or any of the former WW cast were not snactched up….