Smash Producers Double-diss Anjelica Huston?


Two quick (s)mash notes (har har):

Entertainment Weekly has noted this afternoon that to add just a couple extra bars of insult to the ditty of injury that Smash has been playing as its swan song, producers/minions/whoever-does-this actually misspelled Anjelica Huston’s name on the finale credits.

Angelica? Really? Doesn’t this stuff get put into a template somewhere? And isn’t the more obvious misspelling HOUSTON? (Photo credit EW)

To be fair, we’ve done that, too – but also to be fair, we aren’t her employers or people whose sole it is to make sure that stuff is correct.

We at LeakyNews are also wondering about something else: in our interview with EP and showrunner Josh Safran, as well as EW’s, and possibly others, he noted that Huston sang a number in French that was to go on the day of the finale:

“Anjelica [Huston] had a beautiful, beautiful number in French in episode sixteen. Once sixteen and seventeen were put together as a two hour, it was a very melancholy moment in an episode that’s otherwise not so melancholy and didn’t seem to fit in anymore. Very sad to lose. That’s probably the thing I’m saddest to lose, but it’s going to be aired online the day the episode airs, so we won’t even have to wait for the DVD. It’s a superlative performance. She looks amazing, she sounds amazing, and she sings fully in French. It’s a beautiful cover song.”
It was called “Adieu Mon Coeur” and was supposed to be put online yesterday, also noted Marc Shaiman in his amazing breakdown of all the Smash songs.
After “September Song”, Anjelica said she’d be up for another song, maybe a French one. Josh knew this and asked us to come up with an actual French song of goodbye when it seems “Eileen” has lost everything and this Piaf song fit the bill. Sadly, in the final edit, the scenes that would have made this song make sense were lost, and the song with it. Along with Jeff Atmajian’s gorgeous orchestration.

It is supposed to be put online today. Here is the recording…



We were excited to post it, so we (okay, that “we” might be a “me”) have been looking for it. All over the Web site. Either we’re under an invisibility curse of some sort, we’ve missed it, or no one bothered to upload the clip. (Just like the never-updated blog; just like the one “exclusive” clip on the site, which is just a montage of Derek’s non-exclusive-at-all lines.) 

Cue Eileen Rand tearing her glasses off her face in disgust, throwing a martini into Jerry’s face, then calling Michael Reidel using an upside down rotary phone.

Ah well. We guess once the finale aired everyone went to Sardi’s (or Table 46) and got drunk. C’est la vie!