Almost Six Seasons and A Movie: Community Renewed


According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC chose to renew Community for another season. This is exciting news, after last season’s debacle of postponing the show so long that the Thanksgiving episode aired in March. Helped by social media, fans of the show tried to get record numbers of people to watch the season finale live, and apparently their efforts paid off.

The fifth season will pick up at an interesting point in Community’s timeline. Pierce and Jeff both graduated, but only Chevy Chase is reportedly off the show. Does this mean that Jeff will still be central to the plot? Will they have him miss his study group so much that he returns for a second bachelors? Will he teach at the school? Will he come back to the college every now and then just to fuel the plot along without any actual reason to be there?

It will also be interesting to see how they follow up with Chang’s plot-line. Now that Pierce is gone, will a nicer and saner Chang/Kevin join the group as a permanent sixth member?  More importantly, will we like a nicer and saner version of the beloved antagonist?

As pre-production and filming begin, we can hopefully get a sense of the direction of the cast and season. But this news at least brings us one season closer to the ultimate goal: #SixSeasonAndAMovie!

What do you hope to see in Season Five?