Showtime Confirms: Dexter Season 8 Will Be Final, New Trailer

Well, we have some bittersweet news, Dexter fans. While we previously remarked on the fact that Showtime was taking its time confirming whether season 8 would be the final one for Dexter, as it had long been rumored, it is now confirmed, according to IGN. With the announcement, however, comes some brand new (VERY SPOILERY) footage, and things are looking rocky as hell:

Deb is clearly on a downward spiral, embittered and disillusioned with the shocking end of season 7. And naturally, things for our dark hero are starting to look pretty bleak. Deb is the only one who knows the truth, and she’s becoming unpredictable and aligned against him, two things that have traditionally motivated Dex to put somebody in the ground. Or ocean, as the case may be. But Deb has always been off limits. The only person Dexter ever cared about, besides Harry. Where will the final season take us? Only time will tell!

“Dexter is a landmark franchise for our network, and we cannot wait to unveil the conclusion of this series, as we know it, to the millions of passionate fans who have supported the show season after season,” said David Nevins, President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc. “We’d like to thank Michael, Jennifer, and Dexter’s indomitable cast, executive producers, writers and crew for eight incredible seasons.”

So this is it. One more season. And soon. June 30th rapidly approaches. What do you think Dexter fans? Did Showtime make the right move by not deciding to stretch things out? Or would you do anything for more? Tell us in the comments!