Sherlock: We Have a UK Air Date



Sherlock fans rejoice, for we have a premiere date for series three. The BBC sent a hearse around London today displaying the hashtag “SherlockLives” and the date. Finally. Set your alarms for January 1, 2014,  as that appears to be when the detective returns.

Here’s a picture of the hearse that was driving around London this morning:

And for some added confirmation, here’s Mark Gatiss’ tweet:

The BBC has also confirmed that episode 2 will be shown on Sunday the 5th (Sherlock twice in 1 week!?) and the 3rd episode will be shown on the 12th.


  • Flitzy

    So, basically, this holiday is going to be painful and cruel. We get Matt’s final Doctor Who episode and then nothing until the next series and then we finally get new Sherlock and it will be all over in three weeks. MURDER BY EMOTIONS WHY DON’T YOU BBC.