Sherlock Takes San Diego – News Coming in from Comic-Con

Managing Editor

Those lucky enough to stand in line for the past 2 days are inside San Diego Comic-Con’s Ballroom 20 for the BBC Sherlock panel.

Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were unable to attend the con, so instead they sent over a fun pre-taped video for the fans. Entertainment Weekly has been given exclusive rights to that, so if you’d like to watch, head over to them. No spoilers, but Benedict tries despereately to tell us all how Sherlock survived The Fall.

UPDATE: YouTube version below

We’re collecting as much information as we can from the panel as we couldn’t attend ourselves. Most of this information is coming from elite Sherlock fansites, Sherlockology and The Baker Street Babes, and BBC America blog Anglophenia so you know the info is good.

Attendees were treated to a clip of Series 3 Episode 2 – “The Sign of Three.” So basically all of us not in the ballroom have burst into flames of jealous rage. From what we understand the clip is unedited, with unfinished audio, so it will not be released online.

According to Sue Vertue: Both Martin and Benedict have been optioned for series 4, as has the series itself, they simply have to figure out when they will be able to do it.

BEST NEWS EVER. We still get a little time with Andew Scott’s Moriarty, but we won’t have to deal with any weaseling out of the character’s end. Which was as undeniably permanent as one can get.

Good. Let’s just all get the “will they/won’t they” out of our systems. John Watson ALWAYS ends up married. Why would Sherlock be any different?

*falls to floor* *weeps tears of gold* THE REUNION SCENE IS LENGTHY. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!

And now we wait… forever.