Sherlock Special: Release Date, Title, Theater Debut, and New Trailer


Get a load of that headline! Sherlock news is rare, let alone multiple servings of news at once. So, even though this hiatus feel like it’s stretching on into an abyss of despair, there’s a little hope ahead.


The Victorian special, which fans have taken to calling the Sherlock Christmas special, will actually be released on January 1, 2016. Instead of abandoning your family for 90 minutes on Christmas, you can now do so on New Year’s instead! New Year’s Day is the date on which the second and third seasons of the series premiered in the UK: however, this date next year will mark the first time an episode of Sherlock will be broadcast on the same day in the UK and the US. What’s more, the episode is titled “The Abominable Bride”, and is the first episode name to not be a play on an existing Conan Doyle story title.


Want to do something special to mark the occasion? The special will be screened in select theaters across the UK and the US, along with 20 minutes of extra footage (including a set tour and behind-the-scenes action). “The Abominable Bride” will hit theaters on January 5 and 6, with tickets going on sale November 6. Details can be found here.

If you want to sneak a look at this mysterious bride, take a look at the newest trailer for the special, which features spooky delights, an unhappy Mary, and meta saltiness from John.