Sherlock Series 4: Toby Jones’ Villain Possibly Revealed


When Toby Jones was announced as a new villain in series four of Sherlock, many fans were abuzz about which dastardly character the seasoned actor would be playing.

Now, we may have our answer. According to Den of Geek (via Cultbox, whose link is currently unavailable), Jones’ resumé included the name “Culverton Smith” in a recent update. The character—who is less than a fan of Holmes—belongs to a classic Conan Doyle 1913 short story titled The Adventure of the Dying Detective.  Jones’ IMDB confirms this news, which is by no means an official endorsement for now.

So, who is Culverton Smith, you ask? Read on to find out more, but if you’d like to remain completely spoiler-free regarding the story from which this character is taken, you may want to stop right here.

In the story, which features a highly-infectious and gravely ill Holmes, Smith is a man who Holmes has accused of murdering Smith’s nephew. We all know by now that if Holmes suspects someone of murder, he’s likely right, and this story is no exception. Smith infected his nephew with a disease he had been studying, and to throw Holmes out of the equation, seeks to infect the detective as well. He believes he has been successful (as does Watson, who worries for Holmes’s health throughout the episode), but naturally Holmes has had a few tricks up his sleeve the entire time.

The story is the perfect mix  of elements to be adapted to BBC’s Sherlock, from Holmes’ whip-smart deception of his foe, to Watson’s characteristic worrying that ends up being for naught. If Jones is indeed portraying Smith, this will be an episode that is sure to please.