Sherlock Series 4 to Make New Year Debut


Despite the fact that every series of Sherlock except the first has premiered on the same date, it’s still a rare day indeed to be able to announce a new series’ debut. So even though this news was expected, it’s the final milestone for one of the longest-anticipated seasons of television. Sherlock series four will officially premiere on January 1, 2017 with the episode “The Six Thatchers”.

While the BBC is known for releasing premiere dates fairly late in the game, we’re still getting this news earlier than we did last season. In fact, series three’s arrival was announced in late November of 2013, in the form of a hearse bearing the date in flowers along with the hashtag #SherlockLives. If you had told us on that day that we would have to wait three years for the premiere date of the next series, we definitely wouldn’t have believed you.

This series’ debut announcement went a much more understated route, revealed on social media in the photo below.

And what’s this? One of the strings on Sherlock’s violin has snapped? A foreboding omen sure to echo the darkness show co-creator Steven Moffat has hinted for the series.

Release dates for the subsequent two episodes (“The Lying Detective” and a final episode yet unnamed) were not unveiled with the announcement, though it’s likely they will air the following two weeks much like series past. Unlike previous years, however, Sherlock series four will air concurrently on PBS in the US as it does on the BBC in the UK. So don’t get too wild on New Year’s Eve, because you’ll be kicking off the New Year with some of the best content television has to offer.