Sherlock Season 4 Filming Pushed Until 2016


Yes, it’s true. We might be getting the next season of Sherlock even later than expected. At the BAFTA winner’s press conference this weekend (where Sherlock won the Television Radio Times Audience award), showrunner Steven Moffat announced that filming for the highly anticipated series would not begin until the spring of 2016. Filming was initially set for later in 2015.

Many assumed the episodes would air next January, following the pattern of the last three seasons. Season 4 was previously said to air sometime in 2016, and while there has been no news on whether this timeframe still stands, it’s expected that the premiere date will now be at the end of 2016 rather than the beginning. Considering that filming for Season 3 began in spring of 2013 and the episodes didn’t air until January 2014, a similar timeline could be in the cards for Season 4.

Both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are highly sought-after actors with equally busy schedules, but last week Entertainment Weekly writer James Hibberd shot down one potential explanation for the delay:

Thankfully, the postponement of filming is not entirely disappointing: fans still have the upcoming Christmas special to look forward to. Even though it will be a one-off episode not tied to next season, hopefully it will be enough to sustain us for the long wait we have ahead.