Sherlock Manga Series to be Officially Translated into English


If you’re a particularly enthusiastic fan of the BBC series Sherlock, there’s a chance you’ve stumbled across the manga adaptation by Jay, published in Japanese magazine Young Ace four years ago (how time flies!)

Sherlock Manga 2

There’s also a chance you’ve already looked up fan translations online, but this summer will see the first official English version of the series licensed for publication by Titan Comics.

Titan’s version of the series’ first volume, A Study in Pink (based on the episode of the same name), will be available both in print and digitally, and will include an increased page count, alternate covers, and bonus art from artist Alice X. Zhang, who’s worked on some of Titan’s other titles, including Doctor Who and The Blacklist. The second volume for the series, an adaptation of first season episode The Blind Banker, has not officially been made available in English at this stage.

The first volume of the English-translated Sherlock manga will be available in June. As for the TV series, it’ll be returning for a fourth season in 2017.