Sherlock Funko Pop!s Coming Soon


Ready for another favorite fandom to have its Funko Pop! debut?  Well, be prepared to pre-order because Sherlock has finally gotten its turn! While you’re waiting for more details about the holiday special to emerge, you can get these fantastic vinyl reincarnations of Irene Adler, Mycroft Holmes, Jim Moriarty, Dr. John Watson, and two versions of Sherlock Holmes.

Funko Pop! - Irene Adler Funko Pop! - Jim Moriarty Funko Pop! - John Watson Funko Pop! - Mycroft Holmes Funko Pop! - Sherlock Holmes Funko Pop! - Sherlock Holmes with Violin

As with most of the latest Funko lines, the details are what really make this set lovely. From Irene with her classic hairstyle and phone in hand to Moriarty holding the IOU apple, these are certainly iconic enough to warrant a spot in your display. The two variations shown of Sherlock, even though they sport identical heads, have different poses, outfits and extras to make them both worth picking up. We sincerely appreciate it when Funko gives us something other than a costume color change!

It will be interesting to see what exclusives will come out of this set. We’d wager that Crowned Moriarty will be a frontrunner for a variant, along with Watson with Moustache and, of course, Sherlock with Deerstalker. If this series sells well we can more than likely expect a second set with Mrs. Hudson, Molly, Mary, Anderson, Lestrade, and Donovan.

You can currently pre-order this set for $9.99 each from Entertainment Earth or your favorite purveyor of nerdy collectibles. They are scheduled to ship in October 2015.