Sherlock: First Look at Season 3


BBC One completed its Sherlock re-runs this evening with The Reichenbach Fall. The big buzz, however, is the preview for season three of the hit TV show. It’s just a teaser, but all of the usuals are back. Including Sherlock Holmes himself. For those who missed it, take a look:

From the teaser, it looks like Sherlock is paying a visit to Mrs. Hudson, Inspector Lestrade, Molly Hooper, and finally John. Is this how they will be reunited. In public in a restaurant? It looks like he passes John’s table in the clip, which could mean that John is on a date with his girlfriend, or even…wife? Also, we know that some time has passed because John has a mustache! MUSTACHE!

This is all very cryptic, but this fandom has never before failed to pick out every single little detail it can. We’ll keep you updated with any new information.

Season three is slowly piecing together for fans, with the titles for each episode now revealed: The Empty Hearse, The Sign of Three and His Last Vow. The identity of Sherlock’s new nemesis has also been unveiled, and filming for the last episode is well underway.

There is still no confirmed UK air date for the show, but it will be later this year at some point, with the US getting it sometime early next year.

  • Kate