Sense8: Toby Onwumere Takes Over as Capheus, Season 2 Delayed


Fans of Netflix original Sense8 had their worlds rocked a little as two pieces of news regarding the show were confirmed this week. In a surprising announcement, the character of Capheus—one of the series’ eight sensates—has been recast. Following the news, fellow sensate actress Jamie Clayton (who portrays Nomi) stated via Twitter that season two would debut by Christmastime at the earliest, with the rest of the episodes seeing a 2017 release.

The recasting of Capheus is not only quite unexpected, but comes at an unusual time: the series’ second season is in the midst of filming, and Aml Ameen (who played the role in season one) has already locked down a couple episodes. According to Deadline, the recasting is the result of a disagreement between show co-creator Lana Wachowski and the British actor. The role has now gone to Toby Onwumere, a recent acting grad who previously had a part in the 2012 webseries The Book of Dallas. It remains to be seen whether Ameen’s scenes will be reshot for season two or if we can expect to see Onwumere pop up sometime mid-season.

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While answering fan questions about the shakeup and the show, Jamie Clayton also revealed some interesting news regarding the show’s second season debut. While a release date was never officially set, it was assumed following last summer’s series renewal announcement that season two would hit Netflix around the same time season one premiered: June 5. A possible release delay has been floating around for a while now, but Clayton’s tweet earlier today is the first official confirmation that we might have a lot longer to wait. Responding to a fan, the actress mentions that the show will receive a Christmas episode in 2016, with the remainder of the episodes going live sometime next year.

Sense8 is the product of writing and directing duo Lilly and Lana Wachowski, who also teamed up with J. Michael Straczynski to produce the series.