Second Trailer for The Fault in Our Stars Hits the Web

Managing Editor

We’ve got less than two months to go before armies of Nerdfighters hit cinemas armed with naught but tissue boxes and overpriced sodas. A second full-length trailer for The Fault in Our Stars was released to the internet after the trailer debuted ahead of The Other Woman in theaters this weekend.

We’ll wax philosophic in a moment but for now, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? CLICK PLAY NOW!

Framed the same way as the first trailer, this one seems to focus on the lighter side of TFIOS. Yes Hazel is still a grenade and Gus is still a metaphorically prone romantic, but we get to see the same humor from the couple that made us fall in love with them in the book.

Hazel rolls her eyes and does interior monologues in sarcastic tones while Patrick plays his guitar. In a line straight out of John Green’s novel, Hazel yearns for a fake ID so she can learn that one does not “take pot.”

While the first trailer made us cry, this one made us grin like the giddy fans that we are.

(Okay, we cried a little bit. . . .)