School of Thrones Episode 1!


Is here! As previewed in our exclusive article a few weeks ago, this is a sendup of the HBO hit show Game of Thrones as though the characters are in high school. Watch below and we’ll discuss shortly!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Check out those opening graphics am I right?

Professional grade stuff right there.

Most of what we see in the opening we got from the previous article: The school is full of cliques, and where you stand is important.  Yet there are some gems here too: the prom king/queen posters featuring Renly and Loras, and “Mel and Stannis,” with the adorably unshaven Maxwell Glick sporting a thumbs-up? Cut to Mel warning everyone that “prom night is dark and full of terrors” and Stannis asking who has accepted the Lord of Light as their personal lord and savior? Full of awesome.

And then there’s Sansa.

And Joey. I mean Greyjoy.

The episode mostly focuses on the prom king/queen drama and introduces the concept of the cliques. Sansa has a total hipster boner for Joffrey and by the end of the episode is his lady in waiting. We even get a hint of Tyrion, courting the affections of Jon Snow (“You know you’re adopted right?” Sansa blurts at him) and Dani Targaryen, an apparent pyro with drawings of dragons on her jeans.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m all in. Yes? No? Survey says?

  • critterfur

    I thought it was very well done, and very cute (not meant in a condescending way, just waaay more lighthearted than the story it’s parodying). The series also shows that it knows the books as well as the television show (like the reference to Renly’s peach, although here I guess it’s an apple, but close enough). The opening graphics are indeed super-professional looking, and reminded me of a mash-up of two of my favorite things, Game of Thrones and Community (and also a bit of those early promos for Pottermore, with the paper figures crawling around). I do think (from reading some posts at other sites) that some people are confused about why Dany and Jon are lying in the dirt covered in leaves at the end, with most people assuming they were making out or something, but I gathered that they’re just there because Sansa pushes them down in a previous scene in her rush to get to Joffrey. And yes, I didn’t spot that Loras was running for Prom Queen until my third watch-through.

    • Brendan Bradley

      it’s a peach…don’t worry. And there are more to come ;)

  • Leah Cornish

    “Nice weave by the way.” BAM