Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson to Star in “Glee” Season 4

Sarah Jessica Parker will star in one episode of Glee season 4 and Kate Hudson will take part in a “six-episode arc” according to Michael Ausiello. The article adds:

“Fox president Kevin Reilly confirmed Monday morning on a conference call with reporters that the musical comedy will adopt a “show-within-a-show” format next season as it juggles McKinley High life and (presumably) Rachel and Kurt’s Big Apple NYADA adventures.”

What do we reckon, will SJP star in a New York storyline or will she favour Ohio? As for Kate Hudson… substitute teacher 2.0? Rival glee club coach 2.0? Or — and I know this is putting it out there — will they cast her as a character we HAVEN’T ALREADY SEEN?

Probably not. Speculate away!

  • Sarah Moe

    Since her arc is so long she might be a NYADA professor. I’m fine with Kate Hudson, excited about SJP. Annd when was that article written? Rachel going to NYADA would be even more ridiculous than most of the things that happen on the show, since they framed a failed audition purposefully. Or maybe KH will be the STAR of a show Rachel is trying to break into, a la Smash.