Sam Trammell Cast as Mr. Lancaster in TFIOS Movie


According to The Wrap, Sam Trammell has been cast as Hazel Lancaster’s father in the upcoming The Fault In Our Stars movie. Trammell may be familiar to True Blood fans, where he plays Sam Merlotte. If you’re not a True Blood fan, you might also know Trammell from his role in the movie, which came out this summer.

This announcement also joins recent casting news for Isaac and Hazel’s mother. With pre-production fully underway, we can expect more casting news in the coming months.

From his performance in True Blood, Trammell could do a great job portraying Hazel’s father who is emotional, loving, and stern in the book. What are your reactions? Is he a good fit for the role?


  • Arielle

    I haven’t watched True Blood in years, but I always loved Sam so I’m excited about this casting choice!

  • QED42

    I guess this just leaves Lidewij and Van Houten as the only major casting left, still routing for John Malkovich to get the Van Houten role.

  • heather

    I was literally waving my arms in the air when I read this! I love him! He is one of my favorite people on True Blood! Couldn’t be more thrilled!