Sam Claflin Is Still Finnick

We brought you this story over a month ago, but apparently it’s news again: Sam Claflin will be playing Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. He is. And this time, Lionsgate has officially confirmed it. Hooray! For those of you who didn’t catch the scoop the first time, Claflin is best known for his roles in Snow White and the Huntsman and the latest Pirates of the Carribean film.

And for everyone who was disappointed when we first broke the news… well, hopefully you’ve had time to adjust, because now there’s no going back. Catching Fire is due for November 2013.

Sam Claflin


What do you think, Hunger Games fans? Have you warmed up to Claflin or are you still screaming bloody murder over the fact that Hedlund got overlooked for the part?

  • J-Jay

    Seeing as, when I read it, I pictured Joey Richter as Peeta and Josh Hutcherson as Finnick, I knew that wasn’t gonna happen so I’m pretty much open to anyone playing the role XD

  • Chaya

    Sam Claflin is still Finnick and I’m still happy about it. I am so glad they choice a relative unknown for this role. That decision will give Finnick the dimensions the character deserves, rather than the “oooo hot famous guy” that would have occurred with a more recognizable face. I really liked Sam in Snow White and I think he will absolutely rock this part!