Rumor: Mad Max Director Could Swoop into Man of Steel 2

Mad Max: Fury Road took the film industry by storm this May, largely in part to its outstanding directing and cinematography. Now, several sources are reporting that Fury Road director George Miller’s next project might be Man of Steel 2.

This rumor is coming from several reports, including a statement from Jon Schnepp, director of the documentary film The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?.

During the podcast, Schnepp states the following:

George Miller is doing Man of Steel 2. I don’t feel weird about breaking it. Obviously Zack Snyder is doing Justice League one and two, James Wan is doing Aquaman. … I think George Miller’s a perfect choice to do Man of Steel 2. He’s going to bring so much to it.

It’s unknown how Schnepp heard this information, or whether it’s accurate, but at least the rumor is coming from a fairly authoritative source (as far as rumors go). And while it’s completely up in the air whether Miller will actually direct the film, how cool could that be?

Fury Road was a huge breakout hit, and managed to bring veterans and newbies alike into the Mad Max franchise, which is a huge accomplishment. Of course, a lot of Man of Steel 2‘s success rides on its script, but Miller’s vision could be enough to keep the kryptonite away from the Superman franchise a bit longer.

In addition, the newest Mad Max installment was integral in proving to moviegoers that action films could star women and pass the Bechdel Test while still being both edge-of-your-seat entertaining and fun. Could Miller’s lightning strike twice, and perhaps re-energize the superhero genre with the same sentiment? We’ll have to wait and see.

Man of Steel 2 is part of DC’s extended universe plan, but does not currently have a release date.

Let us know in the comments: would Miller directing Man of Steel 2 make you more likely to see the film?